Class of 1982

Co-Class Secretaries: Thomas and Lori Norman Campbell, 41 Copley Woods Circle, Portland, ME 04103-2206, or

Class President: Richard R. Regan, 26 Crossing Brook Rd., Cumberland Center, ME 04021,

Next Reunion in 2007. Got news? Tap out a note to! Ruth Hall describes her job as “helping out Americans who get into trouble in other countries.” In August 2002, she became a U.S. consular in Frankfurt, Germany. Since joining the Foreign Service in 1992, she has met with a number of notable people, including the Dali Lama and First Lady Laura Bush, and has had tours in Katmandu, Nepal, and New Delhi, India…. Timothy McDaniel turned his lifelong dream into reality, chucking his career in software development and opening a men’s sportswear and fly-fishing shop in Peterborough, N.H. He hopes to add casting and tying lessons in the future, as well as fly-casting trips.