Go Figures

After winter’s ravages, giving the campus back its pretty face is the job of Landscape Coordinator Bill Bergevin. Here are some resources Bergevin and his Bobcat (the kind with a power shovel) work with during a typical spring:

Annuals beds
Number of beds 17
Total compost, cubic yards 3–5
Total lime, pounds 25–50
Total organic fertilizer, pounds 30–40
New plants 2,000–2,500
Avg. hours to redo each bed 3–4
Landscaping 101
Bark mulch, cubic yards 120–140
Compost, cubic yards 20
Topsoil, cubic yards 20
Grass seed, pounds 400
Student workers, 2004 3
Student hours per week, total 25-35
Replacement tools
Lawn rakes 8
Shovels 5
Hand pruners 10
Brooms 8

Sources: Bill Bergevin/Facility Services