BOC Minutes 9/11/13

MINUTES 9/11/13

TONIGHT was the first meeting of the year. Alias meeting # 1, code name alpha delta outing club emerges from the ground like a swarm of locusts

The meeting started at 6:36, at 6:45 a group of feral hooligans ran through the meeting and then returned to their miserable community of  manure lined hole-shelters on the lower slopes of Mountain David, the meeting ended sometime after that. It was great to see everybody and look upon so many new faces.

Descriptions and a brief run-down of BOC bureaucracy was given.

We remember everybody so I won’t go over that.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Every human at Bates is a member of the BOC and can go on trips, attend meetings, and rent gear. HOWEVA, Those looking to be involved on a consistent basis should try to become Council members so they can vote on stuff and hold administrative positions.

To be council-ified you need to attend three meetings, tell a story, and a)do a work trip or b)Lead your own trip, but first reach out to the hikes trips directors (Grace Pezella and Kristen Kelliher to learn the subtle nuances of planning a trip.  DO IT. People are alerted of work trips via email.

Over the course of the meeting several announcements were made. 

Announcement # 1 CLAM BAKE: the bi-annual lobster slaughter held at Popham Beach is ON for SATURDAY the 14th.  The lobsters are waiting for you, along with various beef and vegetarian options for those lacking nautically inclined pallets.  Buses leave @ 10 am at Chase Hall.

Announcement # 2 Euan, the hairy, lesser half of the E-room management team implored others to come join him in his new cinderblock cave next to the package center. The new lair is sweet, but soon it will smell and become infested by large centipede creatures like the old E-room. Come visit Euan and others in shiny new E-room 4:15-5:30 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for all your gear and social needs. STUMP

Announcement # 3 Sasha “Greed, Money, Useless Children”  Insert Last name here  is the Treasurer. Her office hours are Mondays 4:15-5:30 PM in the E-Room. Like a finely tuned water bed the outing club supports its members (aka Dolla bills for your whims), but like any water bed, it must be maintained carefully or it will leak when you need it most. be diligent and get documentation.

Announcement # 4 Alex son of unknown wants to compile a list of those inclined to ride rocky slopes on mountain bicycles so he and others can more efficiently find and ride with those “who [also] shred it on the trail” (Alex son of unknown 6:51 PM, 9/11/2013).  A sort of mountain bike militia? Perhaps Alex will email the outing club list-serve to alert a broader audience of his intention and then move to compile his list. Maybe, venerable Alex can put the names of those emailing the list-serve with just their names on the list so their efforts are not in vain.

Announcement # 5 NOLS had a info session in Pgill in Keck classroom. Hope you went cause that ish is buried in the past as of the writing of these minutes

Several trips were proposed:

John “Face Consuming Beard” Barbadoro (aka Barbadup, aka the ambassador) wants to go see Into the Mine, a film about skiing at the State Theater in Portland. Tickets are $25. Email will be sent.

Kristen Kelliher, of hikes and trips, wants to set up a peaks weekend so the BOC can get conquer hella peaks. An email will be sent with a further description. Recommendations are encouraged.

Brian wants to go to nova scotia over thanksgiving to ride water mountains. Email forthcoming.

Dan goes to Pleasant Mountain (forgot the time, sorry mang). supposed to be a wonderful hike and sure sounds like it will be a grand and enjoyable (and Doable) for all participants. Email will be sent.

Bryan Lehr (aka Brian # 2, aka the lesser Brian, aka the unmentionable) wants to go to the cemetery with others. Giving thanks to our almighty sun destroyer Lucifer? Yes we will worship the god of permanent winter and damnation, but the cemetery is actually beautiful and leads into a fun series of trails on the ‘skag. We eagerly await Bryan’s email and his thoughtful exploration of the greener spaces within walking distance.

Dana spoke of a looming trail work trip to the BOC section of the Appalachian Trail near Bemis Mountain. It’s out in the sticks in West Central Franklin, Maine next to Lake  Mooselookmeguntic. Beautiful place, storied history. Do something meaningful and fun, and respond to Dana’s email when sent.

Dana Part II- Dana also wants to go to our humble lean-to in Greene on patron saint Judy’s land, just a couple minutes‘nawth of here. Lean to is defined as ‘spacious.’ I just think its RAD.

ASSAULT ON KATAHDIN: on October 4th and 5th we, the BOC, will go to MT. Katahdin and walk up its spiny backbone. Details will be released soon. When I did it, I jammed with my Nordic gurls to Superbass on the tablelands and slammed two monsters after a meal at Dysarts. A must do if you go to school in Maine.

Euan says he will go fly fishing on Sunday (he will teach others if they email the almighty cave dweller in advance). He says ‘spinners are welcome. He will email the list serve soon with info on the pike killing excursion. Kill all Pike! Like all good anglers, Euan anticipates his departure to be delayed because of an over-consumption of neon. #pikedeath


I Brian “Auguste Comte” Kennedy proposed 1 Mountain Board. Chris “I run naked with my head permanently aflame” Halsted and I broke the existing mountain board this summer while we were getting our kicks on Mt. David. Board costs roughly $125. It’s worth it.

Coleman “Paid Rent” Lieb suggested to buy another mountain board, because, peering deep into my soul, he saw a tragic loneliness. Yes good sir, it does exist, damn it. Order another one and save my pain. Cost= same as above.

The humidity got to me for three minutes and two unknown, but highly qualified individuals proposed:

REPLACE the AMERICAN ROPE and buy another one through Sterling ropes. We got a pro deal, so it will be on the cheap.

Bike Racks for those looking to transports bicycle(s) on an automobile

Bryan “The forever not-as-good one” Lehr proposed to buy $25 of surf wax.

This concludes first BOC minutes. Thanks so much to all the freshman for showing up, the club was getting quite stale, so new faces are incredibly welcome. Please stop by the E-room on Friday! Also, feel free to email me if anything needs to be clarified.