BOC Minutes 9/18/13

MINUTES 9/18/13

I’ve said this to a select few but I might as well make it public: if I could have any wish granted, it would be my wish for a chlorophyll covered patch that photosynthesizes sugar directly into my blood stream like a nicotine patch. This way I can manage to not write the minutes and not have to worry ‘bout eating as well. Sorry for the clarity issues. However, these minutes feature my new power: TOTAL OMNISENCE.

These minutes will be called “Brownie Shakes” cause of the excessively chocolate-y brownies I faced before the meeting.

josh gave a brief history of the new meeting room (6:36 PM) It was elegant.


Sasha (endless $) last name

says that an e-room budget needs to be set aside. THERE WILL BE A VOTE

Dan asked a question: it was not recorded but according to (two headed hydra) bryan/alex, E-room spent all of their budget last year. E-room budget is set aside for flexible spending and gear maintenance.

a vote was cast for 3 g for e-room homie(s)

unanimously passed (great decision club)

Bryan “endless dissidence” Leyhr asked for contrary opinions when proposals are made. good b/c e-room directors are infested with greed and possessed by sweet angel corruption.

Euan/Julia (aka twin consuls of the e-room) say there is a work trip in the E-room during E-room hours (I hope it went well)

Euan is doing a fly fishing seminar  2-4 at paige field. It will be OVER at four  (I hope it went well)

Zoe ramono ran the entire length of the tour de france by foot (HIPSTER). she will speak for a $300   (bed-sty price) contribution from the BOC, but potentially less (Detroit price) if the BOC secures dolla bills from the student assembly place.  This event would take place on the 21st of October. The club notes that this is one day before my birthday.


Alex leading mtn biking to trip to mount bradbrudy on friday afternoon, time will be set in stone via an email alex will send. I hope it went well

Dan is going (still) to pleasent mtn, where is this mtn. van is 2 from being full, personal vehicles are welcome. I heard it went well

Euan actually will go fishing this sunday, email will be sent. I heard everyone else went but Euan

Sam (aka old republic) and timmy want to organize a sunrise paddle on monday. the trip will leave before sunrise. With the power of hindsight I can say that this did not happen.

sam wants to go to SHAG-CRAG–> its a crag somewhere in the deep Maine and despite all of his failings Sam managed to go on sunday

j-sturv goin on friday arvo to the mightiest crag. He went.

A conversation happened about climbing rating scale. I refuse to document the climbing rating system, numbers are for fools. If its big, its 8 foot. Bra!

Sounds like a crag trip is going b/c kristen is going be back before 2:40. I wonder what happened

Grace is going to the whites on a social outing Friday night (no one else is allowed) and then hiking wildcat satruday (then people can come). I forsee a logistical issue.

Aside: josh aka naked lip aka sturdy says “go on a trip with randos is the best way to get involved, go on a trip this weekend.” Josh has piss-poor grammar.

Pat says he is goin to common ground fair for a catholic retreat and has a couple seats in his car. I heard the fair was DOPE

Chris is still goin to katahdin, van is full, but personal auto tag-alongs are welcome please email chris to figure out logistics. I wonder how that trip went.

Josh hypes assault on Katahdin, his lip, now without its furry covering, quivers. The crowd shivers in response.

Dogs are not allowed in Baxter. This point was brought up by king of the mowhawks

Peaks weekend is proposed to be on kahtadin assault weekend. This proposal was made by grace

Kristen speaks of a winter peaks weekend- FUTURE HYPE.

Sasha urges those who go on trips to return receipts. We must all diligently oil the machine with receipt returns or else it will break down and we will have to drink the water in the radiator to avoid dying from dehydration

Josh and John will hike Washington and meeting up with GEO field trip held by mike and dike  #joshjohnfondle

Alex, man of biker list, asks about the ethical nature of dodging bradbury park fees. A conversation ensued. Sasha (aka overflowing coffers) last name talks about this with alex.

Anne goes to pineland to run every tuesday at seven AM gets back around 10:30. Lurkers welcome!

Gear proposals 

Charma proposes a new pad for the rock wall– found a high jumping pad for 550 bones

jordan cargill says we should talk to track team–> charma will do

DANA said something that will be STRICKEN from the record. but there is chalk on the rock wall

PAT was in the e-room and says there was only one tarp- WE HAVE HELLA TARP in the old eroom. Situation will be rectified

Highlight of meeting: MTN BOARD VOTE

vote on mtn board #1 (aka the enabler) 1 179 passed 17-9

vote on mtn board # 2 (aka coleman’s empathy) failed 8-17

MTN BOARD # 1 passed

new rope= $150 to retire american flag rope. vote delayed to actual count of rope is done…


DANA- went to CA, in yosemite he met PCT hiking folks, and hiked 50 miles in 2.5 days it was snowy and drizzley and hiked into a pass with a meadow and hiked into yosemite valley and it was ultra-awe. This reminds of a scene in my favorite Sci-fi novel Ringworld:

“Long ago, Louis Wu had stood at the void edge of Mount Lookitthat. The Long Fall River, on that world, ends in the tallest waterfall in known space. Louis’s eyes had followed it down as far as they could penetrate the void mist. The featureless white of the void itself had grasped at his mind, and Louis Wu, half hypnotized, had sworn to live forever. How else could he see all there was to see?
Now he reaffirmed that decision.”

Chrissy- spent summer in alaska and scared of crevasse and did a crevasse fall training thing–> she was scared and looked into the depths and forgot everything–> leans into the c-vas and falls headfirst into the c-vase into the blue-ice crevasse ->stared into a blue ice womb. Do it if you got the chance! 

Coleman- last summer he peed his bed totally sober. This summer he did worse.

AESOP STORY between sophia and EUAN–> grace flaked. 3rd day of trip, drenched from way to small tarps, hiking to base of MT adams, it raining and lightening. fear of death prompted them to take a detour below the treeline. ALT route=doom  group reaches 45 degree rock face- sophia starts to descend tree branch broke she went flyingà landed safely with only a bruised knee. Weiss-dog (aka alex) says story was greatly exaggerated at bates-home base–> sophia fell off 40 ft cliff and landed on backback and saved five wayward dogs



Brian “Mighty Scissor” Kennedy