BOC Minutes 9/25/13

MINUTES 9/25/13

Arrival of the long toothed one, aka Saebyul. All hail! All quake.


E-room is looking for some new e-room workers, emphasis on the freshman and those new to the meandering bowels of the outing club

Hours are MWF 4:15 to 5:30 nominations (which can be made for your person)

EMAIL JULIA or MUA (aka ME, aka the reputable one). I have received some nominations

Euan says let the record show “any one can email me” helpful (what Is he inferring, eh?) Just in case. EUANS # is (860) 729-1691

ENTER JUDY 66’ outing club advisor and grand patron. JUDY IS ALL THINGS GOOD but she is moving on and we appreciate, if not wither before, her service. But we are now looking for a new advisor. JUDY=temple guard of the lean too aka LOCATION OF ADVANCE (not to be a representation of Judy, but rather a testament to the power of her advisor-ship)

“Common ground fair was awesome”- everyone

Bryan “Can’t Read” Lehr had a conversation that ranged all over the place but focused on PROGRESSION, what does it mean to progress? “good climbers at bates, but not great, lets be great” HOW DO WE DO THIS? We make a club that meets everyday at the same time, a climbing co-op for climbing advancement. Like a motorcycle club for climbing AKA Bates College Hand Holders. Sounds like an awesome idea.

ZOE RAMANO–. Cosponsorship approved + athletic department = boc pays nada.

October 23rdBOC has a wind down Wednesday

SHRED CLUB had a wind down Wednesday last night. As dutiful co-president of Shred Club I doubt the BOC could ever best Shred Club.

Everyone agreed that SHRED CLUB is the better club, smaller and more agile than the aging BOC, which, tired and downtrodden in its old age, spends its evenings wandering through the moss and vine covered hallways of its labyrinth like bureaucracy, while shred club goes out and meets girls.


Johhny barbadup talked to charma (aka Charlie grant) Charlie was saying the wall needs work. They will go behind the wall, email will be sent. I heard this trip went great, but John B’s body odor was offensive, if not vile.

OYSTER festival Sunday.

DANA= work trip to BEMIS MTN. on Sunday look to fill up one van. Check the email and email dana back. More specific details will be coming later this week. AT section is of unknown length and few people come back from work trips, AT blazed by BOC during the era of reefer madness. I spoke to Dana privately some time later and he said the trip was an “enjoyable day of solitude”= success

INTERLUDE: Josh shows us a backboard aka primitive hiking backpack of the godfather of goodspeed sawyer, we all quake beneath the formerly mustached one, his mastery of history unmatched, his arms, somewhat smaller and more hairy than most, pulse with muscle and ambition.

GRACE= Sunday will go to white cap mtn. in rumford for a short hike with high reward. 1.5 hr hike up she has 4-6 spots in vehicle EMAIL WILL BE SENT (morningish departure)- I wonder how this went

Saturday= PARENT PADDLE in TURNER. Androscogin riverlands park canoes will be taken from sat. 1:30 to 4. Josh needs help and encourages all to come- I observed the trip via one of my many private drones and would summarize it with this:

KRISTEN- peaks weekend will be 12th and 13th of OCT. how many mountains can we hit is the humble question. Last year we had 30 different peaks.  (google doc of peaks will be made) Armed with formidable cloud based networking power nothing can stop us. I say nothing!

ASSAULT ON KHATADIN trip closed/waitlist open

ANNE- will lead an assault on Khatadin alternate trip.  It will be a MOOSELOCK MTN trip, she will leave Friday and be back Saturday email will be sent. SAFTEY SCHOOL, But seriously this is a great alternative to stupid khatadin for those on the wait list.

INTERLUDE: Josh feeds his families with cranberries and with the resultant foraging capability he says Mooselock is chock full of c-berries. The club bows their heads solemnly in the presence of Mainer lore of such magnitude.

KRISTEN- next Thursday October 3rd trip to Portland rock gym.


CLIMBING PAD UPDATE: email sent to track-e’s

$30 for a bonsai tree by Brian “He who dresses in a squirrel skin shall” Lehyr



Green gummy bears are strawberry

EUANàski movie wind down wedneday right before ice fest MBW had to return the keg a lot of beer was left and Kristen fell asleep  IME parking lot tap fest. I think this story had great potential, but its execution was pitiful (Euan’s phone number = (860)-729-1691)

ALLIE- was with Bryan “Essentially a Leper” Lehyr and went to Colby after common ground and when asked if they love bates, they responded “yes, of course” poison arrows were aimed at them among other threats, yet they still responded so! Amazing.

BATES vs. COLBY rollerdrome showdown will ensue, Colby complains about a lack of “fun activities” up in ye olde Waterville.

Saybeul- Sabes  chainsaw flashaback “this is fun, we are getting the hang of it” saybuel is “cutting this tree and it just stops” everyone stares, saybeul looks back and then realizes she has cut through her chaps. I feel I cannot give a proper summary to this story ( Contact Saybeul independently

mtn bike Alex tells a mtn bike story. FRIDAY shows up and it’s raining, but everyone shows up despite the moisture. Gear is haggard. Riding in the rain turned out to be amazingàwe still rode very fastàthis story was non-linear (many objected)àpuddles abounded. There was a high degree of uncertainty. Hoorah

NEXT WEEK=advance! ALL COME, the great BOC tradition will be revealed to those not yet initiated.