BOC Minutes 2/12/14



Matt Baker-White: wait…what?

Matt send Allie a lengthy email that can be summed up by saying that Cottonwood Gulch, the non-profit outdoor education place in New Mexico that he’s working for, is hiring. Matt said in the email that he has had a “super fun time” working there, and that there are “super super cool positions open.” Allie has also worked there and confirms the coolness. More information to follow? Allie will forward the e-mail.

Allie: Someone wants to come talk about people climbing the Tibetan plateau. Word on the street is it’s a really good talk, but the fee is $500!! Don’t fret, we could probably swing this using the co-sponsorship fund. The speaker would come in April and is also willing to present in a classroom setting about expedition planning, which he wrote a book about. Allie will send a follow-up email over break so everyone can mull it over.

Side note, Sabes is also in touch with the first openly gay person to climb Mt. Everest, he might be coming too.

Hannah Goldberg: Max Goldberg, sibling of Hannah and Bates class of 2013 is working at Best Made Co., which our own Brian Kennedy deemed “hip” based on the name alone. They make really cool axes. FANCY axes. And they’re offering internships this summer in New York City! Apparently they want kids like the ones in BOC to come work for them (who wouldn’t), and Hannah will send out an email with the deets soon. P.S. if you work for them, you get a free fancy ax! Someone should do it for the good of the club’s ax collection.

JUDY: has a question: will there be a BOC banquet at the end of second semester?

Answer: YES. Allie will talk to Holly and report back.

Allie: The PE van is ours for all of break!! That wasn’t the announcement. Allie’s frenemy Carol in PE is reminding her on a weekly basis that there is a mileage chart in the van that MUST BE FILLED OUT! Maybe the week after break will be the first week that Allie doesn’t get an email. FILL IT OUT.

Reminder: you have to get the keys from Carol’s office in Alumni because she doesn’t trust us at all. If you don’t return them by Sunday night, Allie gets another email. If you sign the van out for break and lose the keys, Allie doesn’t even know, so DON’T. Clarification: do sign the keys out, don’t lose them.


John Barbadoro will not be skinning, he will be skiing, but everyone is uninvited. It’s very exclusive.

Alex has a trip for “tonight or tomorrow”: he wants to go outside and camp somewhere in the four season tents!! There are two four-season tents so 5 or 6 people can come. There will not be an email, so if you’re reading this and want to go now, email or text Alex. His phone number is 203-907-5014, as many people that can fit in the tents are welcome. His plan is literally to walk into the woods and sleep in a tent because he has no car.


Josh will go up to “the mountain” over break several times over break and is willing to “scoop up folks” who want to go: read ya emails next week if you’re interested




Brian Kennedy was talking to Josh about his car, which handles storms poorly.

Josh has a tractor at home that has cool chains and they were thinking how cool it would be if Brian’s car had chains? So, SHOULD WE GET CHAINS FOR THE VAN? They will look into it further.



Euan went to Tucks with Sean and it was “pretty cool.” They ran into a Colby alum who confirmed that Colby’s outing club sucks. Old news. Euan somehow made this story into a trip proposal, and said that he will be heading up to Tucks again after break.




EUAN ALSO HAS AN ANNOUNCEMENT AS WELL AS A STORY AND A TRIP PROPOSAL: the e-room will be open tomorrow instead of Friday. Tall boy Thursday will be celebrated.


Chrissy hasn’t been to a meeting for a really long time but she went to Antarctica for a while over break and was on a Japanese whaling ship, not the rat infested ship or the ship that got stuck. TURNS OUT she kind of did get stuck, a propeller broke so they couldn’t get to any of the geological sites that they wanted to see. They got stuck between two storms in 30-foot swells for THREE DAYS. A lot of people got seasick; Chrissy didn’t though because she’s a BOCer. Stairwells are scary under those conditions.


Tanner came late so he had to tell a story, but unfortunately for us he was “fresh out”.


That’s all for tonight. Have a good break kids, perhaps next time we gather Bryan will return to his post.


Daly Anne Johnson III