BOC Minutes 2/29/14


Congratulations to Josh for winning the coveted title of best comment on the sign-in sheet. Honorable mention to Chris C. for: “Stock is to Gordon Gekko” From this point forward such a contest will be held every week. To see what the question is (aka why josh’s comment is funny), come to the meeting! Attendance is rapidly dropping and I’m starting to get the impression that my minutes are so entertaining to read that people don’t see a point of actually coming to the meeting. Such thoughts are foolish and artificially inflate my confidence. If you think the emails are humorous, then you are missing out because meetings are much funnier.

Allie: In this week’s installment of PE van drama, the van goes missing again. In order to simplify things for the future, the keys will permanently stay in Carol Carpentier’s office during the week. We pick them up on 430 on Friday and return them to the drop box outside of her office by Monday morning. Direct all metaphorical angry mobs and telenovela slaps at Josh. He did this to us.
Allie/Jordan: In this weeks installment of bouldering pad talk, Lewiston foam monopoly won’t pick up any of Jordan’s booty(foam) calls because he isn’t real enough. Luckily Safety Jim is and therefore he is going to help us acquire foam. There is also a good possibility of Jim helping to co-sponsor the hefty costs behind said safety equip. Alongside Jim, it also has recently been brought to our attention that the family of a BOC alum who recently passed away has graciously donated a sum of money to help us complete the purchase. We are going to honor this charitable act with a plaque of some sort.
Allie: Also now that we don’t have an immediately  pressing thing that we can ask other alumni to make donations towards, we took time to brainstorm what this new bouldering pad-equivalent could be. Ideas raised ranged from sport specific funding, to a van (which is do-able according to Captain of Liberalism, Furlow), to a SUP.
Toby: Climbing Comp. this friday. Beer prizes. Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner categories. It’s gonna be a blast!
Josh and Brian –> Ski/Snowboard tomorrow. There was lots of mumbling here. See their email for clarity.
Anne –> Cannon (“the best mountain of the North East”) is having a special deal this Sun. 2 passes for $72 (have to buy two). Contact Anne for more info.
Kristen and Jordan are leading a BEGINNER ICE CLIMBING TRIP Feb. the 8th. Look out for more info soon.
Ice fest is finally happening this weekend and here I shall make my final Barry Blanchard reference. RIP
Size 14 climbing shoes are needed. Ice fest will hopefully prove fruitful in allowing for the acquisition of these large shoes.
The cold weather sleeping bags have passed. Hooray! Now we can go have adventures in the snow.
Kristen proposes a Lifestraw. This is a device that filters water.
Chris for his 2nd Patch: Chris and some of his bros from his home of Colorado decided to go hike some 14teeners. Immediate gnar introduction. Specifically he was hiking on Kelso’s ridge. The hike was pretty casual, nothing too difficult for the direct relative of a Bulgarian wizard. But then, BAM, things change, and Chris and his buds are going full-on technical. Knife’s edge traverse, class V climbing, no ropes, no protection, infinite testosterone. Turn back? NOPE.
—-The story pauses here as Toby decided to walk in, casually 30min late—-
Push forward. As they approach the summit, Chris forgot that he brought along Jimmy (made up name) who is deathly afraid exactly of all the things I just listed. Jimmy pukes (not really). Just a few feet above at the summit, tourists with fanny packs remembered that in their packs they brought their cheering caps. “HOORAY JIMMY,” they shout. Jimmy summits. Chris gets his second patch. I’d like to think that the perfect ninja star pass that Allie executed to get the new patch to Chris across the room was symbolic for how badass that story was.
Greg: Patt Jeffries: “The track showers are safe if you are naked taking a shower” —-huh????? Weird dude. Also Greg went B-packing this summer and brought a fleece blanket for a sleeping bag. Oops. Greg decided to wear all of his clothes to sleep with the blanket and got super sweaty. He got up to cool off and looked up. “HAZAH!” said Greg. Sure enough a beautiful starry sky lay above him. Moral of the story should be obvious here, kids.

Alfie: October in pompei, he wants to climb Vesuvius. First day he sees the dead bodies. No climb. The roads are still in tact. Next day its pouring rain and he convinces everyone to go. Gets ripped off by cabby. Everyone else is wearing cotton umbrellas. They get to the top and take a pic. Vesuvius, besides having the most mountain-y mountain name ever, was apparently a fine hike.


Julia: Julia was hiking one time while she was 17 and not legally alowd to take pictures of herself naked. She also could not legally see pictures of her older friends naked. Before you judge me for my perverted descriptions, let me get to the story. Julia’s friend, Gavin, wanted to take a naked picture on the hike. Julia couldn’t see Gavin’s, and she couldn’t take one herself [end story]. Wait, so the story was actually about the legality of nude photographs for minors?
Josh: Took a hike to a hut right below Mt. Adams this past weekend. Met a BOC alum there. Like many BOC alums this dude was super cool and he gave him a patch.