BOC Minutes 4/3/14

Hello and Goodbye, BOC

These will serve as the final set of minutes. It won’t be as flashy as my previous efforts. I’m quite bus(t)y.
  • Toby: We will be getting new bouldering pads short term.
  • Sash: Blue Pig will be given to Audrey soon. The legacy continues.
  • John: Tux trip has been moved bag due to dangerous conditions.
  • Julia: There is rad new backcountry terrain at sugarloaf.
  • Dan: Pictures of trips. He needs them.
    • Aliie: In the future we will make big trips that the BOC funds require photographic documentation.
  • Josh: Bates STARS— Be hired to lead trips w/ alumni over alumni weekend, June 5-7th.
  • Allie: Want to do WFA or WFR over short term? We can do both courses, but we need to gauge interest levels. Email Pat Jeffries.
  • Sash: Acadia $550 for 10 people. PASSED
  • Toby: Kentucker 1700 (possibly less if we get cosponsorship) PASSED
  • Dan the Man (with improved aerodynamics) is going to BAXTAH over SHORT TERM
  • Julia: Is going to raft and sky dive and its gonna be SICK
  • Allie: Friday the 11th, Robert Frost-off @ the Lean-to. We gonna chop wood, build a fire, and  head back to Bates before sunset.
  • Josh: Sugarloaf this sunday. Woop.
    • Bonus Challenge: What is the similarity between the emerging electronic group, Disclosure, and Josh’s thesis. Hint. Correct answers will receive a hand-written Seamus Heaney poem.
  • $330 for a directional snowboard. The alpine board has been ditched and this (if voted for) will replace it.
  • Sash: Cute lil squirrels carrying PB&J everywhere.
  • Eroom Cat/ AESOP cat happened. If you want a video contact me.
  • John: Dumont cup was a premiere showcase of shredding.
  • Noel: The other weekend Noel decided to climb a birch tree on alumni walk (Robert Frost, again).
  • Chris: He is going skiing with Robbie Franco over break. Boss.
Always loving,