BOC Minutes 9/10/14

BOC First Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2014

Sorry they’re late! Alex wanted to make sure all the new peeps were on the listserv.

Meeting commences as Bryan blows the shofar.

First meeting! Alex greets everyone.

We also have an awesome presentation! Zand Martin, previous prez, outdoorsman extraordinaire, will be speaking of adventures in far off lands directly after this (hopefully short) meeting.

Although we like to be outside, this isn’t where we usually meet. The meeting room is at the end of the loading dock, through the door up the stairs to the left! That’s where we meet, Wednesdays, 6:30, always and forever.


Josh: Did anyone see his announce email?

Clambake is Saturday!! Popham Beach! How do you get there? à

Two free busses: 10 am on Saturday outside of Chase Hall

We’ll be tabling all week, come sign up, tell yo friends!

First years go free! Literally no reason not to come.

E-Room! Noel:

Rent equipment out “for free, for a deposit.” Noel, what? He means that you can rent equipment out and put down a deposit of $5 for each piece of equipment, and then get your deposit back if you bring all the equipment back on time (which means one week later). Cool right?!

The E-room is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4-5 every week

Come out on Friday for a tour! (sorry……hope lots of people went!)

PSA: looking for E-room workers! This job entails coming to the E-room when its open, during which time you’ll help manage, sort, and rent gear. It’s an awesome way to get involved in the club, and is usually a precursor to the awesome directorships (LIKE SECRETARY!!!!!).

Julian: Leading a hike on Friday (again, SORRY) to the Bates section of the AT, leaving at noon and coming back by 5 or 6. It’s a 3-mile section by Rangeley and will involve some trail maintenance. This trip also counts as a work trip!

Wait, whats a work trip!? à If you want to be a council member in the club (which means you can vote on proposals and hold directorships and be one of the coolest kids on campus) you have to attend three meetings, do a work trip (like Julian’s super fun AT trip or volunteering at Clambake!!) and tell a story at a meeting (which can be about anything cool/awesome/funny/scary/exciting/embarrassing that you’ve done in the out of doors).

George will also be leading a mountain biking trip to Range Pond on Friday, you need your own bike, meet at Nash house (down from Security) at 4:15 to head out. There will be an email!

Nate might go hiking tomorrow! He’s done at 9:30 am (KOOL.) Find him now-ish if you want to go tomorrow! (HOPE ALL OF THESE WERE AWESOME THERE WILL BE MORE NOTICE IN THE FUTURE I SWEAR)

Alex explains structure of meetings and councilmembership. For a review on that, see above.

Toby: we maintain the climbing wall in Merrill, and recently thanks to Toby we got a ton of new holds (fo free!!!). The wall is going to be extra sick, anyone can use it, shoes are there, if you haven’t climbed ever, you should still go, someone will explain it.

Bryan: COME SURF AT POPHAM! Mr. Lehrer encourages everyone who wants to surf to “get your mind mentally prepared” because surfing is a “mental sport”. Bry will be in the water all day, scan the ocean for him when you get there. Don’t worry; he doesn’t know how to surf either! (P.S. turns out there’s supposed to be 0 surf tomorrow, so this probably won’t happen.)

George is biking to Clambake! It’s going to be early but its also going to be “…fffffuun?” let him know if you want to go!

Reminder: Don’t come here next week. I mean come here, not here here, come to the meeting room. Cant wait to see you guys!

Joseph has a last minute interjection: we probably all need meditation cushions! 300$ for 15 (or more?) meditation cushions.

Dana is going to Acadia Sept. 26-27 with the Astronomy club and wants a cosponsorship: $200 from us out of $900 total cost. He needs to know now, but we’ll tell him next week.

Noel: on the 21st, there is a climate rally in NYC, and BEAM is sending people down. He is also asking for a cosponsorship of $250.

Any more last last last minute announcements/ proposals? No? Okay great.

See you next Wednesday in the meeting room at 6:30!!

Go outside before everything freezes!

Love and fresh air,