BOC Minutes 10/8/14

BOC Minutes

October 8, 2014

Sorry I didn’t make a sign-in sheet with a question so here’s a picture of a puppy holding a leaf to make up for it:


Alex: a few things:

  1. We rearranged the furniture! We’re tryna bring everyone together and make everyone feel more included. Councilmember, not councilmember, first year, senior, director, first timer: speak up kids! We wanna hear it your awesome ideas.
  2. Gear proposals: if you’re a councilmember and you have a piece of gear that you want to propose, feel free BUT make sure you’ve done some research and know things such as the quantity, the price, how the club will use it, what it does, how fun it will be, etc. This makes for shorter meetings and smarter decisions!
  3. The Council Room: every Wednesday when you walk through the door to come to the meeting room and turn left to climb the stairs into our lair, do you ever wonder, what’s to the right? IT’S THE COUNCIL ROOM. Everyone can chill there, councilmembers will have access! It’s a super cool place to be and there’s lots of room for activities. IDs are required to scan in, therefore if something bad happens, we know who you are (and where you sleep) so don’t trash it. Respect da club! Hours will be from 7am to 10pm and it will hopefully be open for next week

If you’re a councilmember email me (Daly Anne Johnson your faithful secretary) so that I can make the master access list (poweerrrrrr).

Hannah: BOC is in the Bates Student this week because we climbed Katahdin and it was rad! Check it out. Parents will see it too, good looks kids!

Anyone lose a black AUX cord in a Katahdin van…?

Josh: DamNation film viewing tomorrow (10/9) in Olin 104— it’s a DAM cool movie (ha), it’s FREE, and it starts at 7!

Here’s a piece of trivia: if you’re going on a trip, you can talk to commons ahead of time (3 days in advance peeps) and they will give you food! All you have to do is give them ID numbers of everyone going on the trip.

2015 NAKED* CALENDAR: *Tasteful nudity PLEASE. We all remember the last one and which pictures made us a little uncomfy. The deadline for entry is November 1 and they will be ready in time to give to the whole family for whatever holiday you celebrate in December (naked calendars transcend religious differences, duh).


Noel and Ian will be hiking the Pemi Loop in the Whites over October break, from Thursday to Saturday! They beat me to the minutes with an email but to recap its 30 miles and super fun! They want $150 bucks for food, campsite fees, and gas. They will be taking 2 personal cars and have 5 spots left! Hit ’em up

Toby is ALSO leading an October break trip with Jordan: on Tuesday afternoon they will be driving to Jordan’s dad’s house (woooo parent time!) and will be climbing until Sunday in Rumney. There will be an option to leave early if that’s what you’re feelin’, like on Friday or something. There are spots for 10 people but only 3 are left, the budget is $965 from Tuesday-Sunday which is 60$ a day. Budget revised to $715ish if they get food from commons.

P.S. The weather is supposed to be real bad, so a gametime decision will be made because you can’t climb in bad weather. Safety first, last and always.

Sasha is going to Wallingford on Saturday to do the Corn Maze if you’re feeling parentless you should come! Parents are welcome too, cider donuts are a given, so are cute goats.

ALSO, there’s a sunrise paddle on Friday! Meet at 6:30am on Frye and YOU should totally come. Check out Sasha’s email! As usual, we’ll be back by 8ams, but if you’re lucky enough to have a later class, you can come to bfast at Nezinscot and snuggle with kittens for a little bit.

Pat makes a bad joke about visiting Roger Bill and Hedge over break for thesis. Give him your sympathy even though it wasn’t funny J


Toby: 100$ for a crack on the climbing wall that has already been built, sorry that it already happened but could he maybe get reimbursed? Since next week is October break, y’all have LOTS of time to think about this: visit the wall to get a visual, interview Toby, meditate on it.

Outstanding Gear: The bus?????

Voting on $400 for Byrans mini half-pipe in the Boat Barn

It passes!

There’ll be a work trip on Tuesday to work on this! Bry will send an email.


Sasha: Her and Grace had moose premonitions prior to Katahdin, and then lo and behold Sasha ACTUALLY SAW ONE the day after she was expecting to. It was HUGE!

Noel wound up the boating director at his camp this summer. Part of that responsibility was certifying kids in canoeing skills, which involves making sure kids know what to do when the canoe tips. Some kids tipped their canoe and instead of floating while it was swamped it sank like a rock. Everyone swam to shore, to this day the canoe remains on the bottom of the lake.

Keenan was a camp counselor. At night in the dining hall, they used huge industrial ceiling fans to play Nerf dodge ball (which sounds sweet). One night circa 2:30 am, one lone Nerf dart was stuck on the ceiling and the head chef was someone who would not have liked that. His friend Andrew says, if you can knock that dart off the ceiling, I’ll punch myself in the……….arm (do you get it) so naturally everyone was fervently trying to get the dart down. Someone climbed into the rafters to try, shit was getting real. One kid, used a shoe, hit the dart and the dart fell. So, Andrew tried to punch his………….arm and misses. Tries again and misses. Tries a third time……..and nails it.

*this does not do the story justice, if you missed it, you should be sorry. Keenan, you rock at story telling.

Ready for some colder weather? I am.

Luv and fresh air,