BOC Minutes 11/5/14

BOC minz November 5

New faces! Yeah!

Alex: come closer……

Thanks for coming!


Shannon from Wilderness Adventures is here, chill out after if you want to know more! Someone else is coming (I think from Apogee) sorry I wasn’t listening but I’m sure there’ll be an email

Next week is nominations for next semester….wut

Lots of directorships! You just have to be a councilmember to nominate yourself or others and we’ll vote on positions the week after.

Pat: if you have any recommendations about what he should do as safety director, let him know because he feels like a slacker

Dani: Its Ladies Climbing Night from 7-9 in Merrill every Wednesday! Its really fun, ladies leave ya man at home and go climb!


Grace: no one came to Washington with her for Peaks Weekend, so she’s going to try again to go on Saturday: naked summits are encouraged and 6 spots are available, there was already an email.

Adam’s Peaks Weekend Franconia trip was cancelled for weather, so he will also be giving it another go on Saturday. The car is full but if anyone wants to come and can drive that would be sweet, or if anyone drops you can come! Let him know.

Sasha is leading a potential Thanksgiving break trip, it’s a mystery trip, maybe happening, keep an eye out


50$ for climbing chalk, jk, “we’re all set”.

Back to announcements:

Partial credit and partial congratulations to Bryan and everyone who helped with the mini ramp, (John Capetta, Thorn and George Merrill, Sean Murphy, Koby, some others)

The ramp is built and pretty stellar. Fun for all, even beginners!

Shred office hours will be Friday afternoons in the Boat Barn on Frye Street (in between Hacker and Moulton). You can come be a part of “the scene” or be a “groupie” or even skate!

Helmets? Ask Swells, he’s only 1/8 stupider now. There are also life preservers in the boat barn, which are very safe.

3:00 on Friday: open hours!

Back to gear:

Hannah: 2-3 sets of elbow wrist and knee pads- $100 total. Helmets also? There are already helmets in the boat barn.

Jordan: need another bouldering pad for the climbing wall. There’s a space that hurts when you fall into it, $550

ALSO, Jordan is looking to update our ice climbing gear. Our climbing gear is in New Mexico? Thanks MBW!!! No prices yet, but think about it. Maybe sell some of the old gear to pay for it.

Nate has a vision that “went a little something like this”: who knows what snow blades are? They’re mini skis. If we have two pairs and one set of skins for normal skis that we could cut to fit the snow blades, so they’re “bad snow shoes that also go downhill”. Good selling point! You would be “very mobile”, it’s a “great way to get around campus”

Has this ever been successful? à no. “it’ll work though.” $120 proposed.

Noel has an idea: take old pair of skins and cut them, and get new skins to replace old skins. That sounds good! In the words of Bryan, “give this kid a job.”


Shannon also has a vision. She is the admission director for Wilderness Adventures, Hannah did 2 trips and they were sweet! Shannon has a presentation in the other room if you want to stick around, but if not, here’s the short of it: she is recruiting leaders that come from cool college outing clubs (LIKE THIS ONE). You’ll be paired with a co leader and go all kinds of sick places all over the world, they try to match your preferences your skillz with a trip. If you’re available this summer, it starts June 12 in salt lake city (sick). Go see her presentation or at least sign up with her!

Me: there will be a Rollerdrome trip soon, YEAH!

***THIS WILL VERY POTENTIALLY HAPPEN NEXT WEDNESDAY. Who feels good about going for like an hour of stress relief after the meeting? I DO. If you have strong feelings about whether you would or would not come on a Wednesday, please email me, because it will be silly to rent to ’drome if no one comes.

Alex: Free sandals are in transit, unknown sizes that will be auctioned or given out as prizes. There will also be a discount pro deal for the club for the sandals.

Also council room is open! Go hang out whenever you want to.


Josh: Josh and I had some iffy driving directions for Peaks Weekend, we ended up on a dirt road with some weird houses, one said “caution: attack bear”. Get to an area of deep standing mud, decide to drive through it and almost didn’t make it. Get to a small pond, also decide to drive through it, comforted by the fact that we didn’t have to go back this way as we thought we could loop out. We soon dead ended into a lake and had to turn around on a road that was about a foot wider than our cars. We barely made it to the trailhead, which was on the main road that we had long since turned off of. Womp womp. It was fun anyway!

Noel was in Wyoming when he was younger with his dad and his dad’s friends looking at a rock glacier, and he found an old wrecked plane (no bodies), and it was awesome!

Bryan went home to New York last weekend, and he took a walk in the woods. That’s it.

Just kidding! The past two days had been rainy and wet, “the kind of days that could chill a man to his very core”. He saw a few rays of early morning light on the third day, and thought that it would be a special day. Days that are truly special – nevemind. Walked into the woods of his childhood to capitalize on the gift of the day. Approached a ledge, a cliff if you will, and thought about jumping (kidding…?) when something flew out from under his feet. Behold, a snowy owl. They had a staring contest, until it turned its head in the way that owls do, so obviously Bry tried to communicate with it. They had a conversation! Then it approached Bryan, and they looked each other for “what felt like hours”. Bryan felt that he walked away with a better understanding of the world. He has had three concussions, and he feels as though the owl has reversed the effect of all three of them. Editors note: sometimes I wish my brain worked like Bryans did, minus the three concussions that have now been undone by an owl.

Additionally, we will be looking into helmets for the Shredbarn.


Love, daj