BOC Minutes 11/12/14





#1: Rock Climbing Competition against Colby and Bowdoin: December 5, time of day TBD! Colby sucks, Bowdoin is whatever

#2: They’re going to strip the wall and clean bolts in preparation for said competition, let Toby know if you want to help with that (work trip??). Also, if you are so inclined as to want to set the route and/or deal with host Colby or Bowdoin kids after the competition, let him know.

#3: There is a slack line club meeting in the Grey Cage at 7 tonight, this might be happening again in the future if you don’t make it tonight.

Josh: Secret Satan drawing is next week! It’s a non-denominational really fun tradition that is similar in structure to your run of the mill Secret Santa. You MUST be at the meeting AND at them meeting when gifts are exchanged if you want to participate! No one likes not getting presents, so please follow through. You can make the present yourself (HIGHLY encouraged) or you have to find a present for $5 or less. You will present your present with a poem to reveal who you are at the last meeting of the semester, it’s not mandatory, but if you like fun and presents you should probably do it.

Alright, time to tackle the elephant in the room: Alex cut his hair (for the first time since April, rumor has it that seven leaves, two sticks, the missing screwdriver from the e room, and a sparrow came out of the hair he cut off.)

IMPORTANT: Due to Harvest Dinner, the meeting next week will be ON THURSDAY INSTEAD OF WEDNESDAY. Look for an email about timing!


Rollodrome on Saturday!!! It opens at 7:30, so let’s plan to meet behind commons at 7:10 with as many personal cars as possible so we can pack everyone in! After careful consideration of theme suggestions from the sign-in sheet, the theme, as noted above, is overalls, snow pants, or no pants. BE THERE! We will be back in due time for other Saturday night activities that you might be planning. It’s $5 to enter and $2 for skates and 100% worth it!

Koby is going to go climbing with Landon the first two days of Thanksgiving Break, bring a car unless you want to come to Connecticut after, and if you want to help plan, email him!!

Callum is going night climbing on Friday at Shagg! Experienced climbers strongly encouraged, but anyone can come if they want to BYO headlamp yo

Ian is hiking to Sugarloaf from here, starting now. Just kidding, he’s starting on Saturday at Caribou Valley Trail, and is on a 5 mile round trip loop, email him if you want to go!

Josh and Alex are going to Marche for beer tasting right after this because they are too cool for school, literally.



$100 for skating pads for the shred barn: Passes.

$550 for a bouldering pad that will last indefinitely: Passes. ps. our budget is lookin’ GOOD

$100 not for skins, but for one pair of ski blades: PASSES.





Dan Pasteltiner, Hannah Tolan, Bryan Lehrer


Chris Crum, Thorn, Dana, Keenan, Nate, Hannah Tolan, Dylan


Dani, Hannah Goldberg, Nate, Keenan, Bryan, Pat


Pat, Alfie, Hannah Goldberg, Josh Zimmer

Water Sports:

Kevin Deng, Caroline Caldwell, Mark McCullen, Jon Gougelet


Callum, Jade, Bryan, Koby, Bruno, Nate, Dani, Sarah Xiao and Olivia Gregorius


Bryan, Dan Bak, Alex Weissman


George, Alex, Emma Marchetti, Nat Silver, Thorn, Julia Savage, Sarah Xiao


Katie Hartnet, Keenan, Kaitlin Keady


Julia Savage Kristen, Nate, Kevin, Thorn


Hannah Goldberg, Dani, Keenan, Bryan, Alfie, Grace

Hikes and Trips:

Dan Paseltiner, Adam, Grace, Sarah Xiao, Nate, Kristen, Nat Silver

Cabins and Trails:

Adam, Joseph, Dan, Nate, Alfie, Josh, Alex, Pat


Grace, Hannah Goldberg, George, Josh


George, Adam, Grace, Bryan, Dan, Julia, Kristen


Josh, George, Bryan, Grace, Dana, Alfie, Julia, Kristen

Eroom workers:

Bruno, Becca, Kaitlin, Bean, Keenan, Dylan, Paul, Jack, Katie, Alex Weissman (this is the only position he wants),      Bryan

Email me if you want to nominate yourself or others for these positions (which you defniely should)! Next week, you can decline your nomination if you want, and we’ll vote. Each candidate should be prepared to give a BRIEF speech, but still take it seriously.

ALSO, this is still under consideration, but let’s say just for kicks that if you’re NOT at the meeting next week, you will not be able to vote on candidates. There is a solid chance that we will not accept write in votes via email post-meeting.


Bryan went on a drive, and saw a harbor seal, popped its head out of the water, looked at Bryan, popped back under the water. No spiritual connection, but cool. Bry has encountered more wildlife in the past three weeks than he has in his entire life.

Kaitlin: went for a night canoe in Kennebunkport, went to an island with a spotlight on it. Paddled over, they were filming a movie. High school kids that were bad at acting. Got a front row seat of the filming!

Ian and Adam went hiking in Franconia notch, encountered people who said they were from UVM and then said they were from Dartmouth. They were mean, and Ian and Adam passed them because they were having a hard time hiking whilst carrying such large egos (while I wish I could take credit for that, Ian has full ownership of the ego joke).


see you there,