BOC Minutes 1/28/15


-Hope y’all had fun playing with Juno. Get stoked because there’s more on the way!

-The wall is getting stripped this weekend. It could be a work trip if you need one. Climb all the routes you still need to get before Sunday.

-WFR course might start on the Saturday before short term. There isn’t really enough time to organize a winter course. Talk to Patrick for details.

-Adam: Youth trail summit in early March about an hour from here. If you think you might be interested, talk to him. Email coming soon. (It’s free)

-Audrey and Dani are going to Camden to stay at a cabin next weekend. They’ll email some details out soon.

-HUGE thanks to everyone who helped with Winter Carnival. (Especially Grace!)

-LL Bean Prodeal?!? (WHAT?!). Stay tuned for details.

-St. Mary’s youth program coordinator wants to borrow a bunch of sleeping bags and pads during break. The BOC doesn’t have enough, AESOP might have to help out… We’ll vote on it. (passed)

-The intro ski class was a big success. Thanks Graham. Let’s do more stuff like this.

-Last week’s skating event was also a success. Keith Tannenbaum offered to try to get us more skates under the condition that we host more events like the Winter Carnival skate. Free stuff is good stuff.


-Callum – $75 for hold cleaner. This would last a semester. Apparently vinegar works too.

-Nate and Ian: “We struck gold with this idea.” They want $60 for gold panning equipment. BOC gets rich. It’s even legal!

-Pardo: (Disclaimer: not entirely serious…) $6,000 snow cannon for Mount David (It’ll come out of the E Room budget, no need to vote)

-Kristen wants $350 for used ice climbing boots from IME.


-Chris is going to the Banff Mountain Film Fest on the 8th. You can buy tix online or in Lane Hall. Maybe there will be a van.

-Alex Weissman: *sets ominous scene* *light flickers* Pat and Alex appear… The canvas tent is coming out on Saturday. 20 people fit in the tent (allegedly). They will be in the middle of a lake somewhere for the night. Apparently the tent can be 90 degrees without the ice melting (It’s science, don’t question it). There will be a lot of good food.

-Alex Moskovitz is going skiing tomorrow right around 11 at Sunday River. He has to figure out how to put the spiffy new rack on first.

-Trip #2: van to the ‘Loaf this weekend.

-Emmett is going to Sugarloaf on Saturday. He has 2 spots. Leaving at 7. If you’re a stinky, knee dropping tele skier, you should go. Granola will not be provided for this trip.

-Nate: cold, snowy climbing adventure on Saturday.

-Grace: Skiing on Friday leaving early. Holler if you want a spot.

-I’m also skiing on Friday. Same deal.

-Josh went curling. It’s free on Sunday if it’s your first time. Talk to Josh for info.

-The trip to the ‘drome got cancelled. We’ll probably go on friday.


-Noel: He hit up The D during Juno in his snow kayak (Not quite deep enough to roll). It’s really dangerous, you should try it.

-Chris skied behind Noel. The Skill and Grill jump was revived.

-Matt (almost a council member) went to Sunday River yesterday. Compared to Maryland the pow here is pretty good. Thorn is so jaded he said it didn’t even make his top 20 days. Everyone’s classes got cancelled, so no one had to skip class. The drive home was adventurous. We couldn’t really see anything between Home Depot and Bates. Driving was a team effort. Heads out the window and all. Matt held his breath in the back while I tried to differentiate between the right side of the road and oncoming plow trucks in the whiteout.

-Abby (Welcome to the council): Slept outside in a snowstorm like this one a little kid. Nice first winter camping experience.

-Pardo: Same shit different day. Sick nighttime lines were shredded down The D.

-Emmett was at Jay Peak for New Years with some family and friends. They had a sledding race on a freshly groomed ski trail. They hit a fence and got 2nd place. Apparently it was the hardest he’s ever hit a fence.

-Grace used to have an awesome snow suit kinda like the one from a Christmas Story. Her ad got her all suited up and then she told him she had to pee. He got grumpy about it and she wet her pants to spite him.

-Jane was working for a landscaping company for the irrigation services dept. They were putting a fountain into the middle of a pond. As soon as they got to the jobsite, she too had to pee. She finally got the chance to pee in the woods. She slipped in the process and her coworkers thought she peed herself. (Unfortunately I’m at a loss for an irrigation services pun)

-Justin: First time pumping gas at a gas dock. There was a big fire making its way towards the dock. He ran right into his boss with the fire extinguisher and still got a bonus at the end of the summer.

That’s all.  Enjoy the snow,