BOC Minutes 2/4/15


-Koby: Keep the climbing wall area clean! Make everything look good to show that we deserve a new/bigger wall. Also, people have been drinking beers at the wall (allegedly). Don’t do that anymore because apparently people have complained.

-Euan: ski tuning this weekend. Euan is offering to help tune your skis. Email him if your sticks are looking a little dull and rusty.

-Wind down Wednesday sponsored by club med. (Smuttynose Keg). Stop by for good times and good conversation.

-Katie: The E-Room now has a recycling bin. It’s blue.

-Patrick: The WFR course will happen during short term. Talk to Patrick Tolosky for details. There is a deposit due soon.

-Judy: The Alumni Office wants extra Bates Stars for reunion (June 1014). Judy will send an email with details. You’ll get the opportunity to lead canoe and hiking trips and connect with alumni.

-Josh: LL Bean will send us 50 membership cards that will get us 40% select gear!


-75$ for vinegar… Passed

-Gold panning gear. $60. Passed.

-$6,000 snow cannon. nope.

-$350 for used mountaineering boots (2-3 pairs). Passed.


-Euan: 2 pairs of BCA Trekkers ($350)  and maybe a couple pairs of skins. ($200)

-Bruno: $400 for two new flyrod setups.

-Callum: $350 for two pairs of crampons (prodeal price)

-Pardo: Skate sharpening stone and 3 sticks. $120

-Alex: sparknotes version: Alex burned the tent down last weekend. He wants a tent for 10 people and a new stove. $200 for stove $499 for tent. We’re going to vote today. Passed.

(Note: I’ll be taking bets on how long it takes this one to burn down. $20 buy in, winner takes all)

-Grace: $300 for a Pretty Faces showing. Passed.

PSA: Try to keep your proposals short and straightforward.


-Nate and Jane: Special feb break trip to the Chic Chocs. Leaving on First Sunday, returning on Thursday. 2 open spots. This kind of violates the constitution. We’re looking for a loophole since it’s a rad trip.

-Ian and Noel: Montreal over break for 3 days. 8 open spots. $13/night/person at hostel. Asking for $850 for hostel, some food, and gas. Passed

-Callum: Ice Fest is this weekend. Contract Kristen if you want to go.


-Doug: Working on AT on an AMC trail crew. There was a rustling noise at 6pm. Turned out to be a black bear. They scared it away. 2 kids wanted to go hunt the bear with a swiss army knife. There was a stoney baloney Navy vet nearby who supplied a big combat knife. The counselors asked the bear hunters to go to bed. The bear came back in the morning and they scared it off.

-Maddie: Guides challenge her to make it through a whole trip climbing the Grand without using the poop bag. Mission accomplished.

-Beanie: Chronic falling off of chairlifts problem. Three abridged stories: Forgets to pull poles out. Falls off at top. Tips get caught in the snow. Fell off while fixing boots. 3 sets of broken poles.

-Drew: Winter camping with Alex. Her toes were cold at the beginning of the trip. She was apparently lured into the trip by Alex’s lies of furs, warm quesadillas, etc. They were there for a while setting up the tent. Alex FINALLY gets fire going after about a half hour. As soon as Alex leaves, the tent catches on fire. The night ended with pizza in Commons.

-Patrick: Be nice to Range Pond! We’ll bring this up again in the spring, but basically the rangers at Range Pond don’t like us (Bates students in general, not the BOC). Be nice to them, pick up your trash. Don’t set tents on fire on their lake.