BOC Minutes 3/18/15


-Judy: Bates alum Tyler Fish is coming next Thursday at 7:00 to give his talk titled Friendship in the Extremes. He will be available at dinner beforehand. There will be an email with details coming soon.

-Alex: Working for the Weekend was shown last week. BOC participation was WEAK! If you weren’t there, you missed out. The skiing was awesome and there was lots of free schwag. There are a lot of great BOC events and you should definitely go to them.

-Kristen: Next Friday-Saturday (the 27th-28th)is the first annual Bates Environmental Symposium featuring clubs, faculty, and community members. There is a facebook page with details and an announce email.

-Josh: Thanks for helping to make the budget hearing go well, Audrey! Things are looking good for next year.

-Grace: There is a triathlon for John Durkin coming up. You can do it yourself or in a team of three. There will be prizes. Email Grace with questions.

-Julia: Downhill US Nationals next friday and saturday at Sugarloaf.

-Email me your director updates, photos, stories, and anything else fit (or unfit) to print.

-Chris: The constitution will soon be updated on the website. For now it is on the wall of the meeting room. Email Chris if you change the hours for you position. This mostly applies to treasurer and Eroom staff. Also, email Chris or Hannah if there’s anything you would like in the newsletter.

-Hannah: the website is being updated. Go check it out and let Hannah know if you have any suggestions.


More helpful learning from Koby: Anatomy of an ice axe: shaft, tip, pick, adz (spelling?), Leash.


Bryan Lehrer:

$300 for GoPro 4 Black w/ 64gig card under condition that AESOP gets to use it at the start of the year. Not passed.

Will Bryer:

$430: for 1 or 2 more sets of avy gear (Beacons, probes, and shovels). Passed.


Proposed Gear:

Callum: $600 to purchase 3 new 70m 9.8mm Sterling Evolution Velocity dry coated climbing ropes.

We currently have 4 ropes, but one got a core shot last weekend, so has been chopped in half, and one is about to be retired due to age and wear. To continue to lead large beginner rock and ice trips, the ropes need to be 70m long to allow for top roping long pitches and dry treated so that they don’t absorb water when ice climbing. This price is a pro deal price I get directly from Sterling.



-Noel: Saturday learn to XC ski trip at Lost Valley. 2 more spots open.

-Callum: Saturday learn to ice climb trip. Email him if you want a spot. It will fill up quick.

-Callum: April break. Rumney climbing trip. Potentially staying at Kristin’s house. No parents!

Asking from $350 for 10 people. Email for details.



-Hannah: 2 feet tall in 2nd grade in New York City. She almost got blown away on the way to a birthday party.

-Josh: A few years ago he sailed using a kite during hurricane Sandy.Very dangerous, very fun.

-Ben: Near death experience- Wanted to climb/ski the South Sister outside of Bend. Max’s mom didn’t want them to go, but they did anyway. Lightning in the distance on the way up, but the forecast looked alright. They were at the highest point in a 100 mile radius and when they woke up with the storm on top of them. They left right away but then had to go back the next day to get all their stuff.

Nominations will for BOC positions will be at the next meeting.  Think about who you might want to nominate for any director position, secretary, president, etc.