BOC Minutes 4/29/2015

Happy Short Term!



-Alex: Thanks to no one who came to the Appalachian Trail Club meeting. It was still a big success.

-Josh: got an email form Allie Balter. Male job opportunity. Teaching fellow position at the Alzer School. In Idaho. It costs $2,100. It involves teaching and leading outdoor expeditions. Josh will send an email with more details.

-Alex M.: If you want to do the VT 50, registration is on May 25th. BOC funding…?

-Alex/Me: Spring bike tune up clinic sometime soon. Stay tuned for a date and time.


-Hannah: Sunday May 24th is the Portland color run 5k. Hannah is looking for a ride. Register before tomorrow and it costs $30.

-Josh: Sunday May 17th is CLAMBAKE. Help her out! If you help your food is free. Free food =  good food.

-Josh: Skydiving? Alex has the details. He’ll send out an email.

-Alex: sweatlodge extravaganza in the tent. There will be vision quests to had. (wear flame retardant clothing.)

-Josh: Sunrise paddles coming soon.

-Maddy: Road bike ride tomorrow afternoon. Give her a shout if you’re interested.


-Paul: Calum forgot his helmet was on and drove home with it on his head.

-Audrey: Started leading on the climbing trip. Got into a sketchy situation on a 5.8. everyone was relieved when she made it to the 3rd bolt.

-Emmett: Went skiing today. It was sick. There were some old dudes up there.

Proposed Gear:


2 Sterling Photon 7.8mm half ropes  for $340

hey will allow us to teach multipitch climbing to beginners as well as alpine ice and rock climbing to beginners.