BOC Minutes 5/13/2015

Hey Hey,
-Final call for Legend submissions. I’m hoping to get to work on it within the next week. Huge thanks to those of you who have already sent me good content!
-Callum: Rab has decided to donate 3 technical alpine shell jackets to the club. Woo!
-Josh: The Boston College president wants us to get some prodeals for college outing clubs starting next fall. 40-50% off lots of gear. Hopefully it will go somewhere. Stay tuned.
-Josh: CLAMBAKE is on the 24th. PLEASE volunteer. If you volunteer you will get free food! Talk to Grace or Josh if you’re interested (and check your email for details!)
-Josh: Skydiving. The trip is full, but the waitlist is very short, so talk to Josh if you would like to go.
-Josh/Bryan: Jocelyn from the CHC has asked the BOC to contribute some cash for the upcoming paint party. They want $400. Passed
Quote of the night: “Pat’s doing safety” -Josh

Callum: $350 for two new ropes. – Passed
Gear Proposals:
Swells: over the break I bought a 100 floating paper lanterns for $80, thinking that it’d make for a good children of midnight and not knowing that it had been explicitly forbidden by the administration, but I’m hoping that it’s still reimbursable and that the club can just store them until a more appropriate time, and talking to josh and alex they seemed to think it would be.
-Dr. Lehrer: Ramp construction in boat barn on Friday morning. Go help Bryan play with power tools. Apparently it’s part of the purposeful work initiative.
-Callum: Shagg tomorrow and Firday at 4.
-Noel will be making a huge balloon on the quad this weekend. He’ll send out an email with pictures of what’s in store.
-Bryan: flyfishing trip coming soon. Fishing permits are $11. There will be 4 spots and he will send out an email. Bryan is also willing to teach some basics if you just ask him.
-Justine/Audrey: going on a day hike somewhere tomorrow.
-Alex: Last saturday he went on a canoe adventure on the Androscoggin. They found an island with a rope swing. He will probably go back next week. Watch for an email.
-Bryan: Over break bryan and 5 BOC alums/seniors went on an adventure in Texas. Bryan almost got eaten by a rattlesnake while they were on a hike.