BOC Minutes 5/6/2015



-A record number of people showed up tonight. There were about 7 of us.

-Talk to Alex if you are interested in skydiving ASAP. It costs about $200-250. He plans to go on a saturday.

-Alex also wants to revive the semi-annual Puddle Regatta. Stay tuned for details and start getting your sea legs warmed up.

-Noel- Adam is going to do some trail maintenance on the Bates section of the AT with the president of the MATC this saturday. This is an awesome opportunity to learn something about trail work and help us maintain one of the coolest trails in the U.S.

-Write stories for the Legend and email them to me. K thx. They can be just about anything and don’t need to be very long.

Proposed Gear:


2 Sterling Photon 7.8mm half ropes  for $340

hey will allow us to teach multipitch climbing to beginners as well as alpine ice and rock climbing to beginners.


-Noel: Sunday night camping on Tumbledown. Email him if you’re interested.

-Pat: the canvas tent will be set up on an island somewhere in Greene. Holler if you want to sleep there.