BOC Minutes 10/7/2015

Sup y’all,


*Muffled chaos and a tangible sense of tension and nervous energy*

Squash begins: “Hello”

Anuncios (announcios)

Stump has been flipped over! This is an exciting milestone. It has been many moons since a fresh stumpside. Any young sawyers are welcome to come hack some shit off an make it pretty. (Law –> lawyer, saw –> sawyer  oh shit gmail’s got new smileys)

Start thinking about 4,000 feeterz in the greater East Lewiston/New England area you might wanna bag. Audrey “Audrey Wheatcroft” Wheatcroft and Emmet “used to x-c ski with my ex” Peterson will organize. I trust them. Well, one of them.

Nah just kidding both of them.

Adam – As part of peaks weekend, beginner friendly trips! Anything particularly user-friendly talk to “talk to myself or chrissy” Adam there referring to “myself”, or Adam. This is a part of initiatives through the Outdoor Nation programs. $$4u.

Gas card! Says Katie. Use it! Unless you like fronting $$. making more work for Katie, and adding things to your to-do list. Then don’t. If used, please still grab OG recep(TayyipEdrogan)ts.

@jcargz with campus challenge. Emmet won mad gear. Like $100 of angry things. Logged 20 activities. Like, man. y’know?

More gear on deck (sports for “next”) 2 sleeping bags and two tents! What kind of tents Jordan? …Colemans…*raucous laughter*. Says they’ve improved their quality. Also, Coleman is dope for anything not backpacking. Jus’ saying. Nothing against glamping. We don’t judge here. Right? Right.

Reel rock tour! Cosposorships! Take money from Colby and Bowdoin. 3/3. Noice work. 7 in Olin at some point. He’ll send an email.

Sterling rope beginner something. They will give you free things –  Jordan “I woke up covered in free shit” Cargill.

At this point I got distracted by pasta and I don’t know what’s happening with sterling, so I’ll say what I always say when I missed something: “look for an email”.

Adair “had a cool Alaska profile picture one time” Andre might be screening a film by the Otis Lecturer about water. Water’s pretty cool.

Avi (Ave? (Ava? (Ava Clayton Spencer? (yup that’s her real name))) class, from safety Will. Awesome. Errbody loves snow. Errbody loves science. –> errbody loves snow science. Also errbody loves not dying.

Koby with climbing term – rope gun – someone puts up lead climbs like a bawss, is a person not a gun. I still get ideas concerning rope guns.

Troundsack refresher


Emma says womens mtn biking clinic at Sugarloaf, crashing at Julia’s pad, basic trail etiquette, yoga too. Email has gone out.

Will not make this^^ sound as awesome as she made it sound because I’m sad (Almost said “and oppressed”, but quickly decided against it).

Eyes out for men’s mtn biking clinic at Sugarloaf, crashing at Julia’s pad (hey julia is this cool?), basic trail etiquette, yoga too. <– One of the times I lie.

Daniel (Daniel?) with a Rumney trip

Koby-shagg tomorrow, leaving at one, back by night class, eyes out for email


KATAHDIN THIS WEEKEND NBD. Everyone give Sasha, George, and Emmet hugs and beer when you see them. Also Katie. Their jobs are thankless and they work for you.

Also me. Give me beer and hugs.

If you are still looking to get on trips, there is space! Have a look at the email. Have a couple on my trip, not tooooo fast but kinda fast, back in time for pa- for obligations. I.e. gonna hustle and try to get a healthy night of carousing in (my brothers are coming to campus!!!! yay!!!).

Adam has a gearish proposal that I didn’t email out because I’m a lazy turd. Vote on a vote –> passes. Whew. I would have felt awful. Anyways! Audrey Peterman wicked inspiring speaker, Her area of focus talks about black folks and their unique link to the outdoors. $$ from OIE, some $500 cosponsorship, $1000 outdoor nation. $500 from BOC passes! Woo!

Brief editorial: This is a hefty chunk of change, but honestly a wonderful event. Think about what might inspire you to get outside if you had never done it before and felt like you had little in common with the people who do! If we’re gonna make an effort at branching out as a club, some skin in the game is a good thing.

We all go to Advance! Yeah! Except for seniors cuz thesis. I’m sure it was dope. Always is. “You get a patch, and you get a patch! Everyone get’s patches!”

K stop wasting your time reading this horseshit. Do yer work.

– Secretariat

send off troundsack