BOC Minutes 9/30/2015

Howdy folks,

piece of soundtrack

I came in late, but I assume Squasha handled greeting responsibilities cheerfully and gracefully.

As I sat down in the secretary chair, I immediately caught a whiff of someones feet. They were a tad cheesy, which is understandable because it was wet outside. I thought it was George, because his feet were 6 inches from my nose, but I gave them a whiff and now I think it was Jordan.


Julia says sunrise paddle. Tropical storm Drown Your Ass has passed, should be clear. Bring your folks! Psych, no space. Trips full. Sucks to suck.

Koby says the Salt Pump dude has offered to come talk. Sweet! He may want money…strange.

Jordan “free shit 4u” Cargill with the campus challenge – people won Chacos. One was George. “I think he’s a cross- country kid.” George confirms. Jordan’s eyebrows rise quickly. George’s facial hair then quietly chirps at Jordan’s facial hair “you’re not soft”. But 4srsly, George has bitchin’ facial hair. I have been meaning to tell him this. Also wearing some nice tie-dye. I’m looking at him right now. He doesn’t know. Sup George.

Sterling rope gave us free shit, mo people, mo money, mo problems and chalkbag.

-Also presentation in Freeport – more free shit, LL bean said he will be giving shit away fo free, Jordan back in time for “festivities”. Alcohol something maybe.

Adam with some stuff – National Parks program, outdoors more inclusive and accessible to the Bates across demographic lines, extra $3500 for initiatives, lead “national parks” themed trips (Includes the AT!)

Emmet got some feedback for trip stuff, got balls rolling places…vote? On trial? He sent out an email, trial perhaps. Vote passed. No one opposes.

On a somber, dissident note, to echo a personal hero of mine, Bryan Lehrer, people should oppose stuff if they think it should be opposed. A democracy where no one dissents is a shitty democracy.

soundtrack refresher. High Sierra is a sweet festival btw. Great folks, even better LSD haha just kidding


Orphan Dana “going to Tumbledown” Cohen-Kaplan is “going to Tumbledown” Cohen-Kaplan. I’m going to Tumbledown probs sunday morn. 4 spots in the car. Feel free to caravan. Beginner/fit parent friendly, dope foliage. hourish drive but not unpleasant on a crisp fall afternoon. Dopesauce views on top. Show off Maine to your folks! I would probably rather hang out with them than you. Email me if interested.

Dani and Audrey are going apple picking. That’s adorable. 3 extra spots, more if folks wanna come with cars. Also parent friendly. Apple unfriendly.

Squasha on Friday night going on a canoe trip, camping on an island. Scog looks better there than you’ve ever seen it. I was there one time. There was a beaver. It did the tail-slap thing. Top 5 beaver moments of my life.


Grant money for Reel Rock tour – $400 or $200 w/ cosponsorship from student gov. Jordan is getting his hands on more free shit, 0 delegates but maybe some people. —passes! Woooo. Jordan will try to titillate the budget committee juuuust right and save us some $$. Does anyone know if the Student Activities Treasurer is ticklish?

Pardo – passes woo trekkers

Koby – Good idea, would go great with caveats.  Learn to belay b4 u g0, gatekeepers, 2 beginner climbing trips, 3 punches per individual alone not leading a trip, updates at meeting for the club. $390  – passes!

Callum – re-soled climbing, shoes – passes! Thanks to Callum “climbs a metric butt-ton” Douglas.

Squash makes a presidential PSA. “These are great, but please bear in mind we do not have unlimited cash.” She is correct. Fiscal prudence is sexy.  Running below this time last year. Less money, mo’ problems, less trips for you.

soundtrack refresher. Dudes are dope. Listen to the lyrics too.


Amy Katz – Last Friday, “wilderness adventure! backpacking in whites!”, drove to Mt Blue, hiked tumbledown. “We go hard”. She didn’t say that but in my head she said that.

Myles – Vermont is a cool place, from VT, VT something, goats, “has this story”, 4h (Head Heart Hertz Hearse), cute goats get less cute when they get older, something VT, maple syrup, Cabot Cheese, Ben and Jerry’s, making goat cheese. So far, Vermont. Cowlily and Tigerlily are lady-goats tryna get some. Need male goats, which are pain in the ass because they’re aggressive and pee on themselves. As a male goat, can confirm. Craigslist FTW. Word. Goat pimping. I like where this is going. Damon the goat rocked up in a pickup w/ Bridget. One lady goat is super into it, other is not.  No go. Goat consent. Word. Next time, both very excited. Video camera pops out à surprise goat porn shoot. He’s in 8th grade. 4’10” 75lbs. Fucking goats are 3x the size –> he ran up a tree. This is fair. Abandoned idea because not down with goat porn. Downloads footage, titles folder goat sex. Does not move it for the year. Many school presentations. Patch heartily earned.

Ethan- from Manhattan, not VT. Lake ossippee. Leading a 10 year olds on a hike. Ricardo has to poop. Try to run down the mt to make it to the bathroom. He cannot.  Ethan does the right thing and teaches this kid how to poop in the woods. Not feeling it. But he has too. So he does. Sort of. “Ricardo, let me see your hands. Or you loose your dessert.” There’s poop all over his hands. Also on his shirt. No poop shirt in the van. Liability n shit, had to take shirt somewhere. Ethan is a poopchamp.

I tell poop story. It goes like this. Was hiking with younger brother. Teaching him ropes. Including poop ropes. I get angry about a turd in the trail on the way up Ridge of the Caps, Mt. Jefferson. Tell him he must never do this. In the alpine zone, I get the worst cramps ever, and do what I have to do. Perform the “direct deposit” into spare sandwhich bag. It was warm. Thoroughly enjoy the rest of the hike gas-pain free. Pack that shit out. Felt like LNT champ. Also poopchamp.

Jordan went on a trip with a “small, unnamed, blonde haired individual” in Huntington ravine. Leftover chili from boyscouts –> several miles of cropdusting. Unnamed individual audibly explodes out the butt in the woods. Later on, “friend x” is rock-climbing. “I should probably shit before climbing”. Does not. At top out, beautiful view, tasteful nude to cap it. Also fiery fudge dragon birth on ledge for under-passing hikers to view. LNT status of said fudge dragon birth is questionable at best. It happens. Still a poopchamp.

I’m gonna make poopchamp patches and give them to people who take three poops, lead a group poop, and tell a poop story. Patch will look like BOC but will have turd instead of pine tree.

K done with poop. We usually don’t talk about poop this much.

Julia – Prezzy traverse. Hell yeah, Julia and co. For anyone who does not know, the Prezzy traverse is badass. Gary wanted tasteful nudes (understandable) on every peak (epic (gotchu Gary)). Some are tasteful i.e. sunrise of Madison, some are trickier. Scoping out Mt Jefferson , lots of families (but no poop!), window of opportunity, so the take it.  Maybe seen be some families. All natural folks, kids will see it someday. Picture looks like Gary nakedly snuck up on two female friends. Saw picture. Was hilarious. Hope it makes the calendar.

Noice. Done.

As per ujjjj, un articulo interesante y provocativo para ti:


Back to work kiddos,