BOC Minutes 12/2/15

Dana “too cool” Cohen-Kaplan decided to blow off this evening’s meeting, which is why I’m here doing his job for him. (You’re welcome <3 )
SOUNDTRACK (because you know you love it….)
-Secret Satan is happening during the NEXT MEETING. Get your gifts and poems ready! There is a $5 limit and you need to write a poem for the person you have that hints at who you are. Get creative.
-Allie Balter is here to talk about High Mountain Institute TONIGHT at 7pm (yes, before you get this email) if you want to learn about it.
-Tuesday night at 7pm there is a Gamelan and string ensemble performance in the Mays Center.
-Pat Jeffries works at a camp in Marlboro NH and wants more Bates students there. Talk to Alex Moskovitz for more info.
-Sasha: This saturday evening there will be a gathering, ski movie showing in the council room. Details coming soon.
-Katie: Femco sponsored feminist hiking trip on saturday (sorry boys). It’ll probably be to Tumbledown.
-Callum is going to Shagg this weekend. He will send an email out.
-Sasha: Thorncrag walk on saturday. Email her if you want to go.
$50 to repair some ice tools – Passed
$50 for tape for the climbing wall – Passed
NOMINATIONS! (I’ll send another email regarding this soon)
-Kurt+Ben: Libby road over break. Did lots of NH things. They also did some naked trap shooting. Sounds frisky. Then they climbed Cathedral on Saturday. Kurt climbed in a long blonde SWUG wig without clothing. He did his first trad lead like this with little protection.
-Emmett: 18 day river trip in Quebec. All out of fresh food, so they were eating pasta, etc. A float plane flew in one evening and later some hunters came over in their boat yelling “I’ve got the liquor!!” He immediately became worried since he was with lots of kiddos. They showed up with a bucket of food and frozen bottled water and offered rides in their float plane. Later Emmett made a cake to bring to the hunters but they wouldn’t come to the door when they knocked so they sent the cake through a window.
-Alex: “Getting naked lends itself to awesome stories.” Emma, Alex and others did some naked two-wheel shredding at Sugarloaf for the naked calendar. They decided to try a four person group photo. Another group of riders stumbled upon them while they were taking off their clothes. Emma ran away while Alex chatted the guys up in nothing but a helmet and bike shoes. An older woman in the group asked how she could get a calendar.
-Ben: The first time he ever heard Callum swear. They were working on a new top rope route. Then a guy comes over and tells them that the “reverse chicken wing” is required to do the route and Callum corrected him and said that it’s not called a F**king reverse chicken wing.
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Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)