BOC Minutes 1/20/16

Hey team,

Hope you’re all making it through this tough, strange week.

Meeting was quite short this week, as Skill n Grill was calling our feet, eyes, and stomachs. Also, Skill n Grill was sweet. Good snow, better gnar.


Ben – 40 people signed up for Ben’s learn2nordic class. Noice.

Julia – Thinking of doing a similar thing with downhill skiing, if anyones interested, email her at

Me – Forging dude has not budged on his price. He says it’s worth it and I believe him. Final price – $250 + $30 for materials + $25 for registration fees = $305 per person. Email me if interested, a small crew has been put together, we’re gonna talk dates, can get a bit bigger.

On the Daly – WFR. Possibility of getting that as a short term class for credit. Safety Miles will investigate. May just run course and not be for credit.

Katie – Transparency is sexy! We’re gonna get audited! So bring back your gear.

For those to whom this sounds frightening, calm your organ of choice. It’s not scary. Regardless of how much we joke about it, missing gear isn’t a huge problem. That being said, please bring any overdue gear back if you care to continue enjoying the access you do. The audit shall proceed as it supposed to, functioning as a gentle check-up, if errbody follows the rules. We will be taking inventory and getting it to the budget committee ASAP.  E-room will be open Friday. Bring your late shit back. Feelings amnesty will be granted.

Sasha – After discussing the matter with several involved parties, Sasha proposed moving Puddle Jump in sensitivity to the service for James Jhun. The service takes place at 1:15 on Friday in Olin, with overflow seating available. Friends and faculty asked if we were interested in moving Puddle Jump. It was quickly agreed to. All are encouraged to attend the service.

Puddle Jump, along with the torch run, midnight breakfast, and 90’s dance will be postponed till Feb. 12th and 13th.


Hannah – Driving up to Sunday River to pick up rental, can get you there, cannot take you back.

Nate – Beginner ice-climbing trip this Sunday. Look for an email.

Katie- Banff film festival $15, extra spots in cars, Feb 7th and 8th, shouldn’t be hard to catch a ride. More on this soon.

Julia- Ski race at Lost Valley, club ski team on Saturday, should come check it out! Can also ski at the same time, maybe wear a Bobcat outfit.

Sasha – Snowshoeing on Friday in Thorncrag at 11:30, back in time for James’ service.


I sold my gear (4 pr. skis, 3 pr. poles, 1 pr boots) to y’all – $350. Thanks 🙂

Jordan got his ice axes – $180.

No stories

James was an incredible trumpet player. So listen and think about things if you feel like it. It’s important. Dig Herbie’s solo around 2:30:

Love and overwhelming appreciation for all things here and gone,