BOC Minutes 1/27/16

Courtesy of George “after my job” Merrill, who wastes much less of your time than I do, with a few dumb jokes and useless links courtesy of me interspersed:

Secretary George Merrill is back by popular demand.

-Rep from WAVUS Camp for girls here tonight. She’s impressed by how timely we are. Pat yourselves on the backs. Wavus is looking for female trip leader staff for the summer. They also run a Kieve boys camp on the other side of the lake. There is more information and contact info in the meeting room.
-Acadia winter Festival Feb 26-March 6. Info in the meeting room.
-Jordan: WFR update. You can’t get credit for it this year, but the short term course will be a possibility. Stay tuned and get in touch with Jordan if you have suggestions/questions.
-Sasher: Ice skating on the puddle from 3-4:30 on Friday.
-Julia: Beginner ski lessons on Thursdays. Keep checking your emails for more lesson opportunities.
-Matt is looking for an AESOP COLEADER. His number is 914 574 3027. AESOP is cool. You should do it.
-Dana: last call for the forging class. not to be confused with foraging. Email him if you’re looking to get on it.
-Callum: Rock climbing at Shagg in this balmy weather this weekend.
-Toby: leading a work trip to put all the buds emerging on campus back into their stems and explain to them that it’s not spring yet.
-Dan: Feb 6 van to Salt Pump indoor climbing gym.
-Julia: Feb 6th-7th. Sugarloaf for the weekend. Potential BOC retreat opportunity. Email Julia if you are interested.
-Jordan: Ice Fest in Conway on the 6th and 7th. Lots of cool speakers, events, fire dancer etc. Email Jordan if you’re interested.
-Also on the 6th and 7th is the Banff Mountain Film Fest. Possibility of vans. Stay tuned for more info.
-Will: maybe skiing lower part of Tucks this weekend. Emphasis on the maybe because it’s been super sketchola. Perfect. He will send out an email.
-Myles: Feb 9th blood drive here at Bates. Do it for free pizza and a good cause. Also they let you hold the bags of blood in your hands afterwards if you ask them.
-Tele clinic this friday and more to come soon! (Return your tele gear to the ERoom. And all other gear.
-Jacob is selling some Full Tilt First Chair boots for $150. Passed for $50…. We’ll see if he goes for it. Do you go for it Jacob?
-Tele Ski Gear (8 boots and 5 skis for $1000) Passed.
-Jordan: 3 sleds hauling gear and grizzly steaks for $150. Jordan will professionally craft them. Reindeer not included. They may also be used as regular sleds. Passed.
nope. bye.
Mostly George