BOC Minutes 2/3/16

Hey Ben Pardee people,

There’s no more Wind Down 🙁 so here are your minutes sober and on time. Whoopee.

President Ceviche considers blowing the shofar, then thinks better of it. Meeting is called to order. She says this weather is unfortunate *fart noise from Jordan*.

if you haven’t in a while…

An Ounce Mints

George – Putting together the BOC Legend again this year. Legend is great if you make it great. Went on a cool trip? Come back, bang out a page of writing, include a photo, send it to Zoom. Super easy. Cool culmination of our year here. Send it to George, not Zoom. because he’s one of those jerkoffs whose whole last name fits in his email. Jerk.

Judy is here about reunion weekend! Yay Judy! How do you feel about summer in Maine? How do you feel about getting paid? Drunk alums? Golf carts? Weekend after the weekend after commencement. Looking for Bates Stars, specifically BOC ones to lead trips in Thorncrag, Morse Mountain, Andruhscawginn. Email Judy.

Becca “nice hair” Ferguson – Climbing area is super dirty says people. Spread the word. Clean up after yourself you children. C Spence works out there in the mornings, has noticed the mess, and has said something to the effect of “goddamn hippies” under her breath to passersby. Just kidding, because that’s slander. She didn’t say that.

Callous Cutlass – Intercollegiate climbing comp at Colby, open to everybody. Start training! Kick some ass ass. Get it? Because they’re mules which are half donkey. They’re also sterile (informational for chirping purposes during the comp).

Hannah Tolan – Had idea about BOC abroad webpage to shall all the places we go. Idea came to her when she was XC skiing in skiing in Sweden and was like “people should see this”. Everybody: Who’s the webmaster?” Katie: “James!” James: “Shhhhh”.

Vermiles – Blood drive soon! Give your blood unless you have diseases. Great rest day from sports. Free pizza! They let you hold the bag of blood when you’re done. It’s super warm. Unless you are a vampire. Also, a good way to find out if you are a vampire.

Jordan, Miles, George – Lotta interest in Nilla Wafer course. 40-50 people that want to take it. Surprising, but they are pretty delicious. Cannot accommodate that many, so… fight! No just kidding. More on this soon. Working on getting things subsidizes but don’t bank on it. Because it will take your bank. $850 big ones unless our club negotiators can cut a deal. EMT also in discussion. WFR + EMT = WEMT. For my information. Eyes out for an iimale.

Jordan – Quick brainstorming sesh about a new wall after meeting. Cleaning up after yourself would be a good start to getting on the good side of the people in power.


Jordan – Ice-Fest this weekend. Grandma is in town, so no space for housing. Unless you want to share a bed with grandma. In which case, plenty of space. Disclaimer, must fight grandpa for spot. I’m sorry Jordan. That was raunchy.

Squash – Lean-to trip tomorrow evening! Back by 8ams. Go forth and snuggle. Look for past email.

Nate “cripsock” “snapcroc” Lipdock- Climbing this weekend because as has been established, weather is really, straight up the worst. Email inbound.

George – Teledega nights at the Valley. Hopefully a consistent thing. Show up at the e-room on Fridays at 4:30 and get shreddy wid it.

Tess and person behind other person – Going to BANFF next weekend, still tix available on the internet. Room in the car/a car. Other people will probably go too.

Dan Willsey – Much interest in Salt Pump. Probs gonna be a trip. Club: “Does the pass still have punches on it?” Climbers: “lol”. Read: trip will be on your own dime.

Savagecabbage – Bunch of people going to the LOAF. shoot Julia an email if you’re tryna RAGE (fall asleep at 9pm after drinking an O’Doul’s), or if you need a place to crash after skiing. They’re actually getting snow unlike this here Lew. Editorial: I’ll be there, come hang 🙂

Also from Julia: Puddle Jump is in two weeks. Sign ups will work a little differently, but eyes out for emails. It’s supposed to get colder. Plot twist: Lewiston Fire Department might also be doing drills at the puddle. Opportunity for dressing up as a fireman, joining their drills, getting a completely unforeseen call, having to drive a firetruck, and being forced into a situation you are totally unequipped to deal with. BOC gonna need hands for later part of puddle jump. Talking to Kim about another ski-night at Lewiston Variety. #maybetherewillbesnow

Forging announcement – Lil bit o space. Also, please respond to my email if you haven’t, u no who u r. Finalizing dates, but looking like 2nd weekend of March.


We actually have a discussion about gear. Whoa. It’s been a while.

Matter of selling personal gear to the BOC has come up. Some folks piped up, consensus on opinions are as follows: If you want to sell gear through the BOC – go through Eroom, make Thorn and Paul deal with it, appraise it, present it to the club like they’re buying it online. This cuts out voters having no idea what stuff is worth. Personal note from Jordan – you will make more money/BOC will take on less liability (lol liability) if you sell on the open market because capitalism. If you’re trying to support the club, donate your gear or sell it for wicked cheap. Can also notify the club if the gear is posted online, and BOC will discuss whether or not it’s fiscally prudent.


Jemas Porda – Skill N Grill was dope, sent some sweet hux. Afterwards, endeavored to explore the Mt. D backcountry via skate ski (first red flag). Did some backcountry on his lonesome because everyone else was being lame. Dropped in over a cornice, tree branches whacking his face. Suddenly jerked to a halt, and found himself on the ground on his back. Looks, sees giant metal pole sticking out of the ground. He had hit the metal pole. The realization of what happened hits him just after the pole and just before the swelling. Started spraying epithets. He hit his crotch. It happened like this. Came within a half inch of castrating himself. Woke up very sore, bruised the next day. Lump is just now subsiding.
Dana – Lucky this happened when it did, because his wedding tackle looked just fine (in mid-air) about ~20 minutes prior.

Easy, the way, you know, it’s supposed to be.
Back to work chitlins….
Fantastic Mr. Fox