BOC Minutes 2/17/16

Hey team,

Whose tryna procrastinate rn?
Interspersed are answers to the roll call question “What is the worst/hardest thing you have done or will do this week”
He gets me
Thesis yeah join the club
Ryan Whittemore – New England Skydive guy wants to have a presence on Bates Campus, eyes on large open spaces for people dropping out of the sky. Also offering internships. 30% the position is what you’re picturing in your head.
Adam – Save the date! – 2 Wednesdays from now, 7;30 in Olin, Speaker Audrey Peterman is visiting the Bates, speaking about diversity in the outdoors. THIS HAS BEEN IN THE WORKS FOR THE WHILE AND IS EXCITING.  She’ll be around for a dinner in upstairs commons, also gonna be a dinner in the OIE, Need to sign up for OIE dinner. Please check it out, tell your friends, especially folks who maybe feel like they don’t fit in with the outdoor scene, but are interested in trying it out!
Unclogging roommates corn poo clog
Jordan – Gonna get climbing shoes resold. No one wants your stinky shoes man. Just kidding, re-soled. Email sent out, let him know if you want something similar, cheaper in bulk.
Sra. Pres – Judy “fairy godmother” Marden, starting to organize the BOC banquet. Do we want to keep doing it? Consensus: yes, but not during finals week. Will be some tasks for organization.
Bad sex
Diplock and drop it – Leaving Friday… or Sunday? Returning Monday…. or Tuesday? Winter camping around Shagg. Subsistence ice-fishing (byoLabatt Blue), rock climbing because mother natures having hot flashes these days. Back end of that week, Nate leading weather-dependent beginner friendly ice-climbing trip somewhere. Eyes out for emales. Or grab the Nate by the horns –
Yours truly – Buncha folks are staying at my grandparents (grandparentless) place in Fryeburg, ME, 15 minutes east of NoCon. For Avi Cert course. OPEN HOUSE. Outdoor opportunities abound in the area. Will be pooling cash for cheap, filling din, other things. Tuesday-Thursday at the least, probs longer. Own transportation required. Email shall follow.
Made mistake of telling parents about romantic engagement, will never hear end of it
Julia – Same deal at Sugarloaf second weekend of break – open house. Own transportation req’d. Email to follow. Editorial: Julia, Julia’s House and Julia’s Sugarloaf are awesome.
Me – Helmets. Pass! You nannamuss. $650 for 24 new ski helmets of varying sizes and androgynous shades. Take that, Tramautic Brain Injury! and gender binary!
Jacob “this dude goes for it” Something – Smith dorms, woke up Monday morning, door known to be temperamental. Roommates leave for class, close door behind them. Jacob tries to open – no dice. Knob turns, door doesn’t open. Phone is on the other side of the door —-> sheeeeit. Jacob starts banging on the door and yelling hysterically. Luckily floormates hear, come to rescue. “I’ll call security. Do you think he’ll get me out of here? Yes.” Security came, tried to get the door open, couldn’t. Security called locksmith, who came (cue burly, jovial, bearded scotch-irish blacksmith). Tried to get the doorknob off, hammering very loudly. After another hour, succeeded. Locksmith replaced knob. Rest of the day normal, like it never happened
Got locked in room for two hours
Max – Last summer, he and his buddies tried to climb a mountain. Saw some, chose big one in the middle. Probably it. Several hours later, top out. See a distant glacier, realize they’re on the wrong mountain. 🙁  Patchetized 🙂
Owen – Going into his senior year of HS, decided it would be a good idea to invest some college $$ into VW bus (classic). Was gonna fix up and flip, managed to fix electronics, got it running, everything working. Except the fuel lines little bit. Figured it was mostly fine. Had to change the fuel filter every once in a while, which is not a fun thing to do. Took the bus on a maiden voyage to the Forks, 6 hour trip turned into 18 hours, had to stay in sketchy motel, thought owner was gonna kill him. Almost there, ran out of fuel filters, died every 20 feet. Tiny sedan rolls up, 12 sloshed college kids pile out, 11 in the morning. Drunk guys “just keep going!” They say fuck it, fine. So frustrated that Owen pelvic thrusts in driver’s seat. Bus moves a little bit, new plan. Everyone else gets out, pushes, covered in dirt, gas all over him. Comes over the hill, campsite with lake most beautiful things he’s ever seen. All the college kids out in front, not helping but cheering wildly. Greeted with high fives and fist bumps. Got to stay right on the lake because the car couldn’t make it to the campground. Dad came up to help, drive it back down. Had to change it 12 times on the way home. Showered afterwards and water was basically black. Moral of the story: Drunk college kids are hilarious but unhelpful.
Dude went to Sunday River, decided to hike in, take some tasteful nudes. Stripped down, still on skis. Didn’t realize he was on a slope, started to slide lose both his poles, ends up falling 15 ft, photographer had snapchat open, missed whole thing.
Was looking forward to avocado, housemate ate it.
Dana – Had some days off with classmates, very excited. Decided to hit slopes, read about a fresh 3 inches! Got out very early, almost bailed, didn’t. Raining. “it’ll probably turn to snow on the mountain” for whole ride. Got to mountain, nope. Fewest people by far I’ve ever seen. All quads shut down. We decide to do at least 1 run. Take slow triple up, rain continues to stay rain, makes a thin ice shell on your jacket. Snow was wet and thick, froze onto goggles, had to be cleared every 10 seconds. Took 1 run, called it. Got a waffle, hit the good food store and that other kinda hippy dippy place in Woodstock, nice morning.
Cool. Dunnerz.
Happy break!
Pontifex Maximus