BOC Minutes 3/2/16

Hey homies,

I’m sorry that these are wicked late. I will be better.
existed before esurance
Adam – Audrey Peterman is here! She has been hanging out on campus and having lots of good conversations with lots of good people. Editorial: I went to some events and she real talks well.
Noah – Campus rep for TFA here to about TFA programs. Overall, situation is pretty dire. Lewiston –> 60% grad rate. Not great. Can confirm that public education system is kinda janky. 2 year program, look for people who are looking to make a change. If interested, visit TFA website or talk to Noah.
Julia – Contacted by Overland and Apogee and they looooove to hire from this sexy, educated bunch (Bates). They have lots of positions available, and they’re especially on the prowl for guides. Also, got an email from CVA, looking for new Alpine Leadership Snowsports program director. Need someone with skiing, avi, WFR experience. If interested, contact the Savage cabbage.
Dana presents to you Tom Twist our new sustainability manager, looking to hire a few more EcoReps. Facilitating meaningful projects. At Also, he likes Outing Clubs used to work at Chewonki. Sounds like my kinda crunch, amiright? Editorial: Tom’s my boss and he’s a homie.
Jordan – Trying to set up a course, looking to do a Wilderness Ed type deal and WFR. Possible cosponsorships? Other schools do similar things, and they’re quite successful.
Julia – New, funding-deficient Bates Cycling Club reached out to see if we could cosponsor some spring events. More to come on this.
Nate “definition of shenanigans” Dipstock – Tumbledown Dick, not super warm, butt sunny. I didn’t write anything else but I assume it’s climbing related. There was an email.
Dan – Potentially sort of stripping the wall. Potentially. It didn’t happen. But it will! Another email.
Judy (!) – Wood supply at the lean-to is getting depleting (read: work trip)
Dana “me” Cohen-Kaplan – After Audrey’s visit and inspiring words, tremendous interest among non-BOC folks, particularly in the non-white community. Let help with that, yeah? Assault on Acadia kind of deal, probably during short term. Folks will be hashing out details soon, more to come.
Audit news: any gear purchase must be approved by the budget committee club for the next month. Also, to clarify any miscommunication on this: youmay not buy food for a trip. You may get food through commons. Also, cracking down on folks in the Eroom; gear going missing, some with to club members, some not. At this time, BOC is under a lot of scrutiny, so please keep in mind that the “doesn’t matter” self-rationalization doesn’t hold up if you keep things for a while. Because it may have screwed the club in some small way. Return your stuff, and get on your friends about returning stuff.
Julia – Daly and Julia executed a Children of Midnight, on Mt. D. Less than stellar attendance. Icier than it looks. Got a fire going. Rallying cry to revive Children of Midnight. Used to be a dope, special, and well attended institution. So let’s make it so again. If you feel so inspired, shoot one off and go do something frivolous.
Henry! Fresh in from Pomona, down to go on trips. Also Henry, I just found your ID in the library lobby. Please claim it at the research desk.
Nate – With Ben and others, took out the Alex Weissman memorial tent and stove. Fun fact: if you put a tent on snow with a stove, snow melts. Also spits embers which then land on the tent. Also there are no stakes. Walls are sort of singed. Has potential for early season use. Less than well suited the task of snowy winter camping.
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