BOC Minutes 3/16/16

Hello snowflakes/weird hail,

music from an interesting fela
Interspersed are obscure short term activities the BOC is excited for.
Gluten free cooking with sand
Julia – Welcome! Yay spring! For now…
Katie – We’ve allotted about 2-3K for gear for the rest of the fiscal year. Let’s not get too whimsical.
Julia – It’s Daly’s birthday, and she said she hates it when people sing to her, so of course, we sing happy birthday to Daly, and everyone can tell she secretly liked it.
Homemade portaledge building 
Nate of the Shenanigans – Letting the BOC in on a project. He and friends found a cliff in the middle of nowhere (location of said nowhere will remain undisclosed at this time). Access is good, gonna start turning it into a sport crag with help of some locals. About 1 hr away. Makes the BOC realize Nate probably spends hours a day trolling obscure climbing forums.
Dana – EcoService Day! I’m working with Sophia and George Fiske on “Mount David Project”. Gonna turn it from drab to fab. Take down awful rusty barbed wire fence, build/blaze trails, pick up trash, make accessible for all with signage and publicity. All pending permission from powers that be. Get involved! Will count as work trip (can I do that? I just did.).
Ethan – Talking to mountain biking group, possible collab, probable recreation. E’s out for eyemail.
“Class” “drunk” 
Julia – Checked in with suh-currity, only one more van cert class in the year and can’t organize another one, as they’re too busy slow-cruising alumni on weekday afternoons, stopping Frye St. from drinking a beer, maybe reading this email, and doing similar things to keep our campus safe (sarcasm expressed does not reflect sentiment of the OC). Only one van cert class, April 7th, more info to come. Link isn’t working (thanks Obama).
No gear. “Ayyyyyyy” – fiscal responsibility.
24 tweas/24 hours
Trips (woo!)
Jordan – April Break, owner-deprecated house at Libby Road (it’s a cool spot). Tons of stuff to do in the area, biking, road biking, can come for whole time or little time. Climbing, but find your own equipment. Eyes out for email behind us in space-time continuum.
Thorn w/ addendum – Great time to learn how to lead. Easier than Shagg, Rumney. It’s got everything. It’s toit.
Freeing the proletariat 
Sasquash – Going somewhere tbd! 2 weekend from now. Look for email! Promised to be interesting.
Madame Prez – Reggaefest (yooooooo), end of finals. Julia’s house at the Loaf open for Thursday and Friday.
Stevie Nixon – Freestyle team looking to introduce some noobasaurs to the park. Take a day to learn to do park shit. Look out for recently sent email.
Nate – “I will probably end up at the dick. Can’t keep myself away.” For those of you unfamiliar with dicks, I don’t know what to tell you. Look for an email, but don’t open any attachments.
Nude Garcelon beach tanning – sup laxers
I’m sorry. Tumbledown Dick is a mountain. Nate’s going there.
Dan – Probs getting pumpy at either Shagg/salt pump this weekend. Eyes out for an email.
Internet says 4 inches of snow Sunday/Monday. Noor’ Eastah comin thru. lol
And that, kids, is how the NSA got on the BOC listserv.
Finding a wife in Chile
Matt Berdon – Made a knife w/ some Batesies this weekend at New England School of Metalwork. Hammer and anvil type shit. Learned some knife basics. Teacher was a homie. Pictures of Batesie knives attached. Matt’s is orange handled. The shop makes some dope pieces. Check them out on the Facce Book.  Daly wants to slaughter shit. It’s her birthday and we can’t tell if she’s drunk of not so we’ll let it slide. Meeting turns to talk of slaughter.
Deep sea puddle diving – watch out for ice axes! They’ll getcha.
Julia – Switches conversation from slaughter to secret societies. Sophomore year, got really into trying find a secret society at Bates, broke in Muskie and pored over dusty volumes by candlelight. Allegedly, in 1881, only secret society ever here almost burnt down Hathorne. There are no secret societies at Bates, only NESCAC without them. Will get expelled if participating because exclusivity. Which makes me feel good, because otherwise I wasn’t invited 🙁
Happy St. Patty’s Day! Potatoes, clovers, and green stuff (omitted question/comment about cultural appropriation)! Oh, and beer.
Much love,
Relieved Tilikum