Riverlands State Park

Lewiston, ME 04240


Androscoggin Riverlands is a free State Park located in about 10 miles from campus in Turner. The park has relatively flat open trails that travel near a beautiful stretch of the Androscoggin River. While the trails are well kept, there are often not well marked, so printing out a map to bring or doing an out and back might not be a bad idea. There is a north and south entrance to the park. The north entrance is further from campus, but the trail reaches the river quicker. The south entrance is about 10 miles closer to campus, however you’ll be running or hiking in the woods for a while before you hit the river.

In addition, there is an excellent boat launch slightly east of the north entrance to the park. The stretch of the androscoggin this gives you access to is excellent paddling and offers access to many islands which can be explored. Some of these islands are great for an overnight trip as well!


The south entrance is a small pullout off of Conant Rd. The North entrance is a larger pullout off of Center Bridge Rd. The boat launch is a small pullout located either right before or after the north entrance (depending on the route you take) on a small island. Both entrances have maps posted at the trailhead.


South Entrance: 273 Conant Rd, Turner, ME 04282

44.1856°N, 70.2225°W

North Entrance: 1005 Center Bridge Rd, Turner, ME 04282

44.2617°N, 70.1885°W

Boat Launch: 408 Center Bridge Rd, Turner, ME 04282

44.2571°N, 70.1825°W

Additional Notes

Riverlands is open to snowmobiles and ATVs so be careful and get out of the way if you hear one coming.

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