BOC Minutes 10/26/16

Eli walks in with a clearly stolen sign that reads “Closed | Fermé”. Paul settles into Koby’s lab and pull out some new climbing wares. Nate blows the horn, it falters but brings everyone to silence.

Daly is BACK (she graduated). For you BOCers that are new she had many positions and was well loved in the outing club etc. etc.

She introduces Tom Holland (her boss and wilderness ventures owner/ director/ big shot) and he stands up. What is Wilderness Ventures? A company that was founded in 1973 and based out of Jackson Hole, WY.  Each summer they send about 800 kids on adventures in… you guessed it.. The WILDERNESS.

Sounds neat, but why are they at a BOC meeting? They need leaders for these adventures in the wilderness. Here are the selling- points: it’s “life-changing”, “resumé -building” and gr8 for people who <3 kids and the outdoors.

Here’s the play by play: Get to jhole, become a part of the team, get a credit card, a van, some profiles of your kiddos and some plane tickets to rad places. Then you go “teach kids”. The info session is TONIGHT at 8 in commons 226. (that is in like 20 minutes, go check it out).

They love Bates kids, Bates kids love Wilderness Ventures. Franny and Daly (class of ‘16) did it, you could too. (side note, must be 21 to be a leader).

Daly: “best thingggg everrrr”


Sex Week is next week. BOC is doing a “Getting it on in Nature” program. Submissions may take any form and are open to interpretation. Email Nate or myself with the goods. Also go to other Sex Week things.

*All submissions must be in accordance with Title IX policies and considerate of all genders and sexual orientations.

Ethan: WRITE FOR THE LEGEND. Seriously. Do it. Now. Danielle did it. She got beer and snacks for her stellar work. Future participation prizes may vary. Kurt proclaims that he would write for a Straw- Ber- Rita ®

Koby: Climbing word of the week is “Jizzler”  i.e. a small crimp thatt manages to be both slippery and sharp” Thx Koby.

George: Here is an announcement brought to you by the Eco-reps. There $10,000 to carry out “Green grants”. If you see anything that you want to implement, to change on campus tell them about it. Ideal projects would be fairly autonomous, and aim to make Bates a greener place in general. Go to Bates sustainability, fill out a two minute form. Get solutions implemented. Email tom twist.

Andy needs someone to fix his bike. He put the chain on upside down and then pedaled. Pliers will be needed.

WAIT. HOLD UP. MILES JUST NOTICED SOMETHING. Annnouncement. This club is endorsed by the NRA circa 1966. “Maybe back then the NRA was chill”. Thanks Miles.

Noel: Talking to Brenna Callahan @ Harward center about Montello School. They have an after school program. That has a lot of snow shoes. And no idea what to do with them. They need a person or a bunch of people to come snowshoe this winter (with the kiddos) . Or just to generally come to help out with an after school program one or multiple days of the week. Except on Wednesdays. You could go to Thorncraig, or Lost valley, really the possibilities are endless. Matt Reback did it. He’s cool. If you do it you could be cool too.

Nate has a vision. His vision goes like this: on the BOC website the top tab drops down and has a bunch of outdoorsy categories “climbing, biking, hiking, etc.”  things on it. You click on a category it and it has details about trips in the surrounding area. Think about it. That would be dope. It’s going to “Hit the ground” during short term.. Is that the expression? “Hit the ground running”…This might be ambitious. We might not have access to modify the website. But, anything is possible, set high goals. **Our president looks ambitiously toward the future**


Audrey: Paul and I are thinking about going climbing Saturday. But it might precipitate. We should do it anyway. Or go to salt pump. Hold tight for the email to drop. If you have a whip and want to go, tell them.

Squad is going to the lean to tonight. You should go.

Directions are on the website? Applause for Hannah.

Noel: November 5, Sophia and Noel leading work trip for Bates section of the AT. Stay tuned for an email.

Nate and Paul are going to Shag tomorrow, leaving at soft noon. Departing from Shag by sunset.

A freshman crew are going to Acadia November 3. “You could surf into thunder hole”. Thanks Paul.


Ben: Under his breath.. Guns?


Eli stole a sign from a park in Canadia.. New meeting room decor?

Kurt and Eli accomplished new heights as a bunch of Canadian school children saw them naked. North of Nova Scotia or in Nova Scotia? Near Hallifax? Unclear…

Some other people were eating lunch when this all went down. Soccer Zack and Eli rush into the waves eager beaver style. Andrew (Or Andy) takes sick footy for the edit. They are getting “destroyed” by the shore breaks. Eli manages to hurt his brain.

After all of this getting pitted/ getting tossed they decide it would be a really good idea to take some noodz. Vision: Four dudes and a surfboard. Kurt;s shlong is out. Photographer reports that a school bus is coming along. Photo series of nude boys → school bus → scambling. Zack fails the team and drops the board in favor of a towel. Kurt has pants around his ankles. Eli drops to the ground. Andy is left hangin (literally).. Anatomy lesson? Sex week preview?

Sarah Delaney: Boundary water trip in fiberglass canoes, lighter for portaging but tend to taco in whitewater. Rapids behind. Put canoes into the water a little too close. The guide is even keeled, but freaks the fuq out when they head really fast backward toward the rapids. They survived (barely). She lived to tell about it and continue to be rad. For a patch.

Ben: Sometimes he interacts with wildlife. This one time it was spiritual. Ben is a through hiker? Did you know? A few summers ago Ben hiked with a guy who REALLY like weed and generally toked like A LOT. Guy asks Ben if he has seen tiny foxes. Ben denies existence of such foxes, that dood was on drugz. This summer Ben saw a cute tiny fox (they live in the Cascades). He was not on drugs at the time. The tiny foxes are REAL. Whoa.

Kurt: a comprehensive list of all the shit that Danielle broke over break.

Starts with surfboard and then she got her hair caught in the door, slammed it and was holding the handle in her hand ( a your car problem or her fault. UNclear. She sits annoyingly and and Kurt can’t shift. Kurt has an “on star” button (precursor to AAA ) and she hit it like 12 times.. Have they even gotten a call since 2005). Then she slept on my crash pad in the rain. Its a soaking wet log. Thannnnk you Danielle.

Jessie goes camping in the Catskills. Makes a fire with really nice wood. It gets dark and its time to light the fire and Jessie is responsible for lighting the fire, but he cannot find the lighter that was supposed to be in his pocket. His fault, they are desperate AF. The engineer some clever solutions using batteries and dehydrated alcohol and socks. They try to make a spark with a knife. Jesse goes to look one more time in the woods, reachies in his pocket aaaaand the lighter is there. They pour the alc on and light that fire up. Jessie is now an official official council member of the BOC.