BOC Minutes 1/18/17

1/18/17 Outing Club Minutes
Here’s some Arthur fan fiction to get you in the mood this Thursday morning.
Andy can’t blow the horn. Sarg can.
Noel is gone.  Sorry.
Henry (Chewonki)- In Wiscasset, Maine. Operated year round, school and camp. Boys and girls. Looking for people with technical skills, interpersonal skills, good judgement, like kids, but also for people who want to learn all these things. Canoeing, kayaking, sea kayaking, sailing, wood working, pottery, ceramics, and more! Talk to Gabe and Thorn if you’re interested.
Mark (Camp Glenn Brook) – Mini Chewonki. Located in southwest New Hampshire. Need counselors for feb break: winter camp/ winter fun. Also for 6 weeks in Summer as trip leaders. Today and tomorrow Mark is around to talk. Email if you’re interested
Kurt: AESOP leader sesh tonight 7:30pm. Match making… woot woot. (Sorry this has already happened)
Koby: Ice Fest 3-5th Feb. partner with Nate. Two day trips, one van each day. Happening in North Conway. There will be demos, pro guides, pro climbers, pro alpinists, small talk with aforementioned people. Plan is to climb for the day/ group hangout. Saturday night: talk, prizes, swag. Look for email from Koby or Nate. “Rock and Roll. Ice climbing is dope.”
Miles: College Ice Fest.  Probably should look into this one too.
Audrey: Bates Arts Crawl. We said we would provide ice skates 4-6pm next Friday. Audrey will send email.
Miles (again): WFR (*****) stoked, they like us. “Who knows why”.  All purchases have been made from last week.
George: Last minute. Needs someone that is van certified to drive down to Washington DC for Women’s March. Contact It would be helpful !
Dre: Bates Communications wants an edit (probably should contact Nate Diplock, I hear he makes dope edits. Contact him for details.)  This Saturday Bates Communications wants 10 people to meet on Hawthorn steps wearing BOC things and holding gear.  if you’re into promoting the “Bates Brand” this could be the job for you!  You’ll get $20 den gift card if you participate. Google Doc will be sent out.
*Gift Cards absolutely don’t work for Den Delivery
Nate, Andy, Bruno (“defending champs” – from freshmen year) are judging the WhisperLite comp. They will have some ingredients, including a special ingredient, but you should not get the rest of the ingredients from Commons ; ) Teams encouraged. Just show up. Thursday 4:15pm in Den patio.
Dre: Who wants to bring skates over to ice arena at 9pm? Pls.
Also Puddle Jump. We need help. Carving hole at noon, it takes awhile. Need at least 6. As well as gate keepers and pullers. All listed on volunteer spread sheet. Aud sent this again out last night.
Sarg: Camping and Leave No Trace (Winter Edition)
  • Camp on durable surfaces: snow, ice great place to camp on. low impact place to me. will melt leaving literally no trace.
  • Use trails responsibly
  • Pitch tent in lean to. shelter in shelter = basically no impact
  • Be careful of punch throughs in the winter
  • Only burn things the size of your wrist or smaller.  Hard to put embers out.
Ben volunteered to teach us light weight backpacking next week.
Justine will be leading workshops on ski tuning, and so has requested new tuning gear.
“But don’t we already have tuning gear” asks the crowd.
Eli: We only have toothbrushes.  Edgers are sketch. Basically it’s “Make your own adventure”.  Hmmm…
Tuning Equipment: Passed.
Mitch and Dan so generously bought us 16 pairs of climbing shoes for $160 !!! Should we repay them back? Duh. Passed.
Danielle: Tape for wall.
E-Room got chu.
Audrey: Torch Run this Friday before Puddle Jump. Super fun, great crew.  Want more runners.  It’s two miles per person right now.  Leaving Bates at 1pm, lighting torch at lean-to.  Email
Maddy/Andy: Going to Loaf tomrrow. 7:15 am. Back in time for cooking comp.  Text or email either Maddy or Andy. (Sorry this already happened too)
Miles: Myself and Zach are going to lean-to Thursday evening (tonight !). Email
George: Salt Pump on Saturday.
Dani (Meh): Women’s March in Augusta this Saturday. Email me if you need a ride.
* Andy did a self-test of puddle. We good. (In regards to this Friday)
Nate: Looking for  a friend (to rock climb) this weekend.  Will send email.
Megan: This Sunday leaving at 6am to go skiing, coming back by 2-3pm. Email for spots.
Sarg: Went camping last weekend at lean-to. Made polenta and cheese and sausage. Turned into MONSTER (not Sarg but the polenta.) Oh and a bottle of wine froze. But still fun !!
Andy: Wine is not secret ingredient but bonus ingredient
Andy: or any B.
Miles: Went fat biking with Emma at Pineland.  Reasonably affordable.  Get going, “feels like driving a dump trunk.” Notices icy snow, and WHOOSH whole bike comes out from under him. “this is going to suck” – Miles to himself in his head. Not recommended over skiing but maybe worth it once a winter. 6/10 would recommend to a friend.