BOC Minutes 1/25/17

(While Greenpeace may be problematic in their own ways, this is p cool)
Minutes: 1/25/17
Maddy (Koby): Reminder about Ice Fest. If you emailed him, make sure you’re still interested.
Nate: Update: Meeting with accounting for square reader on Wednesday. Looks cool, is cool.  Hopefully up and running soon.  Also Trip Catalogue: Coming along, maybe Communications will do web work.
Audrey: Due to safety things, ice skating is no longer on for Arts Walk. Bummer.
Noel: Ladakh Project. Speaker coming to campus from Northern India. She owns a mountaineering business. 35 yrs old. Monday Feb. 6th at 7pm. Could be dinner or talk depending on interest. Will send email.
Aud: 12-13 Banff Film Festival. We have two buses, one each day. BUT you need tickets, so get ya tickets bishes.
Noel: Wants to Show Reel Rock 11 in near future. “Invitation to watch, not viewing”
Get a Naked Calendar, see Noel.  They are $5.
Mini Lesson: Ultralight Backpacking
Ben has fliers to be more legit (!!!) If you didn’t get one email him
Honestly the flier is super helpful and awesome and way better than I am at paraphrasing so reach out to Ben.  He’s excited / willing to talk about it !
But here we go:
Carrying lightest and simplest gear as safely possible. There is a balance between comfort and safety.  On the back of flier is a chart of gear recommendations.
  • Big Three: Backpack, Shelter, Sleeping Bag (cost is limiting factor tho)
  • Clothes: Easy to cut weight while cost effective !
  • Food: If you can do more miles, you can reduce how much food you are carrying
Getting lighter gear will make your experience more enjoyable ! But make sure you are safe and within your limits. “Trading gear for experience.”
Ben’s Backpack only weighed between 10-20 pounds on PCT
Tarp Tents are a “yes,” but have to know how to use them.
Tennis shoes are awesome !!
Hazel: Showing of Chasing Ice.  $275 to buy educational version.  Library might buy movie / rights.  She’ll check in with library and get back to us next week !
Chase: Salt Pump on Saturday.  Her car is full, but if other people are down email her and we can figure out rides!
Nate: Beginner ice climbing trip at Grafton Notch (about 1 hour away, and 15 min hike) this Saturday.  Probably around 8 people can come. No experience needed !!
Miles: Going to Lean-to 5-9pm tonight. Email him ASAP.
Audrey/Justine: Tele Intro either this week or next week at Lost valley.  They’ll send an email.
Ethan: Fat Bike Event at Pineland.  Again look for email.
Danielle/ Maddy: Headed to Kinsman on Sunday
Noel: National Toboggan Championships in Camden Maine. Feb 10-12th. We should organize a squad.  Apparently we have a toboggan.  Can’t be a couch, probably a narrow shoot. Registration is a thing.
Audrey: Children of Midnight: Shredding on the D. Justine and Chase are in. (Sorry this already happened)
What is Children of Midnight?
An email pops up in your inbox. Something rad is going on. Go have fun in the dead of night.
Sam: Not like now, but winter/spring/Feb break Chic-Choc Mountains. Fill out form Kurt sent out.
Nate: Who is interested to take people to LV to learn how to ski?
Owen: All season passes come with free lesson.  Free equipment and free pass to Green Hill. So people who aren’t using these awesome perks can share.  Let’s look into this and call Sunday River.
Nate: Anyone interested in ice fishing let me know.
Will: Been talking to dive shop, there’s some cool places around. Cool wildlife, cool rock walls.  He wants to explore, so if you have a van cert or car hit him up.
Ethan: I have a story. This past summer, not all of us got AESOPS. So, there is ESOP. And OSOP. Owen and I decided to hike 100 mile Wilderness. Drove up and SO UNPREPARED. Packing bags in Walmart parking lot.  Left itinerary on hood of Owen’s car.  Close to 50 pound packs (They hadn’t had Ben’s lesson yet.) Owen made it two days (“In the worst shape of his life for this trip”) he collapsed on ground.  Left Owen on train tracks.  Call place that will pick you up when you’re halfway.  Owen spent the day at the Millinocket Library. Ethan went on. All alone. Alone for awhile. Singing Otis Redding to himself.  Man comes by, and I ask to to hike with him (Bearbag.)  Spent three days together and finished up the trail.
Own spent three days with “absolute asshole.”  This asshole (Shaggy) hurt his ankle. smoked a pack of ciggs a night in the tent. Owen slept with knife under pillow. They spent three nights together in tent.
When Ethan and Owen were reunited they went antiquing the day after.
Sarg asks Ethan about the alleged Giardia, seems he forgot to mention this.
Super Sick. Come on ESOP. Probably abroad next time around.
Ethan got Giardia.
 Owen filled up Nalgenes. Will purify in morning, never did. Both drank full Nalgenes (even though tasted weird and looked weird)
“How could one bottle do this?” -Ethan
ESOP. What a tale.
Ben: Speaking of sketchy thru-hikers. This summer a lot of interesting people start thru-hiking (Danielle can attest.) Meet Two Shoes, only had two teeth left.  Didn’t happen to me, but Mile 80 theres an old mine shaft off the trail that people sleep in.  He night hiked past tunnel, Two Shoes popped out of tunnel.  Was hiking with a blacklight, found scorpion. Bizarre. Side Note: Advice is to take your own shelter, so both people have different shelter. If things don’t work out, it’s awkward.  This guy had to sleep with Two Shoes, because his brother had own shelter. So needless to say carry own shelter.
Sarg: Meet interesting British person sailing from England to Bermuda planning to send back to Britain.  Only with cat. Imagine that. How does that work?
Chase: Almost lost E-Room gear. Rock Climbing AESOP trip. Towards the back of group, tripped, near steep cliff. I’m falling off or helmet is. Throws helmet off cliff. I lived. But I lost outing club gear. Fuck i want to be in outing club. Shared helmet with friends without telling anyone. Other group of climbers found BOC helmet and returned.  Never told anyone, yet here she is !
And to now use this platform to push my political agenda:
CALL SUSAN COLLINS. Calling is easy and effective. Fuck Betsy DeVos (and literally all the white supremacists Trump has appointed).  If you’re confused why she’s an absurd choice for Secretary of Education, watch this:  There’s some much going on my friends, stay conscious !!