BOC Minutes 2/1/17

Minutes (2/1/17)
Well the biggest announcement of the day is obviously Queen Bey’s baby news!! Here is the radiant // beautiful // hopeful picture that she blessed us with yesterday.
In BOC news:
Hazel: Chasing Ice in Carnegie 204 5pm tonight ! Thanks Library
Nathan:  Noel and I meet with Accounting.  Square Cash will be up and running in rhe next month, probably beginning of March.  Also I’m going to meet with the web guy about the trip catalogue on Friday.  Anyone interested can join email Nate about this project.
Aud: Anyone want to drive van down to Banff Film Festival?  Sunday or Monday at 7pm.  Noel is going on the 12th.  Email Noel or Audrey if you’re down to drive.
Ethan: Legend is a thing.  He has two stories, he needs two more.  Then we can be “cooking,” its only “marinating right now.”  Just like pan seared steak.
Nathan: We won’t have trip calendar unless people start stepping up.  Can be a trip of any size. Super easy and worked really well this fall.  If there’s a better solution, let Nate know your ideas on how to make trips accessible and fun!
Ben: Let’s talk together at beginning of month to plan trips.
We have commitment issues.  Let’s work through these for a solution.
Eli: Would it be possible to have an interactive calendar, so if you want to make trips way in advance that’s an option, but also easier for quick trips.  Widget on Bates Website?
Nathan: Problem is no one is leading trips.
Eli: Why aren’t directors held accountable for leading trips? We need a council meeting. Let’s put responsibility on kids.
ACCOUNTABILITY ! Moving on, but we will have separate meeting.
Eli: Positive note: I’m making stickers. Who wants stickers?  There’s interest 4 sure.
Audrey:  Beginner tele lesson at LV, leaving at 1pm at loading dock on Friday.  Encourage everyone to come, even if you haven’t skied before.  Going to be “rad/awesome.”  As many people as possible.
Ben:  Bruno and I are going to the lean-to tonight.
Noel: BAMFF film festival: series of five or six short films about “various cool outdoor adventures.”  Different group of movies based on day.
Ethan:  Are people thinking about going to Red River Gorge over April break?
Nathan: We’ll talk about this trip soon !!
Tess:  Is Reel Rock still a thing?
Noel:  Would people want to watch Reel Rock at 6pm next Thursday?
Thorn:  My friend from St. Lawrence said come to Titus and they will house us.  “interesting stuff, including skiing.”  March 4-5th.  He isn’t going but is an option.
Kurt: Quebec trip.  We have 6-8 people going.  Needs: $1,000 – housing and gas. Students will pay for food. Maybe Commons will supply for free.  Contact Cheryl Lacy.
Eli: Student gov has sum of money for clubs to apply for additional funding to do cool things.  Yes ! Great idea, Kurt will look into this.
$500 passed with the condition that Kurt will look into other funding / Commons supplying food.
Chris:  Are people interested in AT bindings?  We have two pairs of trekkers, but one is broken.
People think they aren’t broken.  We need more details.  Look into it in the E room.
Aud: Saw her first moose.
Nathan: Koby and I took a group of people climbing last weekend.  A guide group was there too, they had no idea what was going on – about anything, not only climbing.  One event stood out.  A guy was at top of mound of snow they were attempting to climb, the shell came off with spikes. It tomahawked down. Terrifying but no one was hurt.
Noel: Was in the Arctic over the summer doing thesis research in a course with 20 people from all over the US and Europe. One group of 5 “really obnoxious people.” One day they decided to go on walk. We hear over the radio theres a polar bear. The group was okay, the polar bear didn’t attack and they had a rifle. Everyone was pissed.