BOC Minutes 2/8/17

Minutes: 2/8/17
Eli: Lost Valley has rail jam/music on Saturday.
I was approached by students who want to go to an Outing Club party – brought up interesting point, people want to meet Outing Club kids.  Parties are a good way to get to know people ! You don’t want to go into woods with people you don’t know, but you’re down to boogie with randos!  Maybe parties are a good approach.
Miles: This isn’t a good idea, but Colby does room crawl with Outing Club. Not a great idea, but it’s an idea.
Nate: I’m trying to find loopholes in budget so we can get a keg to do Wind Down Wednesdays.  Maybe Wind Down Weekend, but kind of weird.
Maddy: At approved venue we can get a keg. Blue slip! Campus Life will get you.
We’ll talk about this.  Where are the social directors? @Ben @Max @Koby
Aud: How do people feel about Outing Club long sleeve t-shirts?  Please send in designs by next Wednesday.  Scan and email them to me.  Will present at next meeting.
Noel:  Tomorrow (tonight!) at 8pm, Olin Room 105 Screening of Reel Rock.
Nate: Would anyone be willing to take a van full of people to LV and teach them how to ski?  People have signed up. 9:30am-1pm
Emmett will take this on.  Thanks baby.
Maddy: Text me if you want to go skiing tomorrow.
Thorn: Ice skating on top of Tumbledown on Saturday. Full right now, but would be down for another car.  “A fun adventure!”
Aud: We might be skiing in because it may be 6 miles to get to trail head.  That’s a lot of walking on snowshoes.  Email Aud of Thorn if you’re down drive.
Josh: Tess and I are driving van to Banff on Monday night.  There are 5 spots left!
Noel: Van on Sunday theoretically, but no one has signed up.
Andy: Next week I’m night skiing at LV. Something to look forward to.
Miles: Super last minute, but Avalanche course this weekend.  Leaving tomorrow.  ELEPHANTS HAVE BEEN LOST IN AVALANCHES!!!!!!
Nate: There’s been a lot of interest in ice climbing! Ice Fest was huge success.  I’m proposing three more pairs of crampons, because we only have six pairs, and one is super shitty.  We will have eight which would make enough for a van full! The price is $420 for pro-deal.
Kurt: Plot twist: the student club fund didn’t give money towards Nova Scotia trip.  I sent a strongly worded email, and got shut down again.  We solidified $500 last week.  Proposing another $500.  Each member pays $80 out of pocket.  We have eight confirmed people!  Not a “bro trip,” represents the Outing Club more than it may seem.  Maddy and Emma confirm.
Kurt: Pats won the SuperBowl and I watched it.
Ethan: Let’s go Bills
Emmett: That’s what I’m talking about
Oliver: JanSOP: January AESOP, kids entering in Winter semester
Aud: 2009 Legend: used to be Outing Club talent show during short term.  lol.
Sorry no great stories this week kids, bring something fun to share next Wednesday !
Peace and love,