BOC Minutes 3/15/17

Minutes 3/15/17
It’s the Eyes of March.  Don’t get stabbed.
Go check it out right now.  Give Nate feedback, or if you have an idea for a trip that you want added, send it his way.
Ethan: Send me pictures or drawings for the Legend.  Let’s all bring laptops next week to have a quick haiku sesh.  Just send me stuff.  Or text me… (646) 761-6756
And as per Oliver’s request there was an *awkward silence* after Ethan announced his phone number
Miles:  Maybe I could do this a tutorial thing.  But have people used Caltopo?  If you haven’t its a free website that has maps with places on them and you can make them as pdfs.  Avenza Maps app is also cool… you import pdf from Caltopo, and if you’re in that area it shows you where on the map you are.  GAME CHANGER !
Zach:  We’re almost all set with the square cash for the E-Room.  We are 90% ready.
Noel: Tomorrow at 4:15pm, Namuli showing with guest speaker. It’s in Benjamin Mayes Center. After the movie and talk, she will be having low-key dinner with students.  Outing Club members are invited.  Email Noel if you want to join.
Kim sent out ballots for Goodspeed Awards, seniors that have provided the most service to Outing Club. Vote.
April 7th and 24th there are accepted students days.  Bates is hosting an Activities Fair both days, and they want Outing Club to be there.  Would love to see people out there.  Also, Admissions wants four people to lead hikes up Mt. David !!! Jump on this opportunity to lead a vigorous trip of young souls up the “North Face of Mt. David.”
May 8th. STEM fair at Montello.  They want Batesies to help out with sciency activities.  Contact Noel or Brenna.
Ethan: How to change tire.  Rubber around metal.  An extension of a wheel. 1887: first tire invited. This is a front tire….
“Everyone has opinions on wheel sizes”
Actually you just had to be there to see this exhilarating lesson.  Sorry to everyone who missed out.  Thanks Ethan !!!
Nate will show us how to use WordPress next week.
Aud:  Thanks Mitch and Danielle for stripping wall.  Let’s make sure routes stay tapped and that they are accessible and clear and fun.
Mitch: Sunday River tomorrow leaving at 10am.
Miles: Going somewhere Saturday to backcountry ski.  Probably Whites.  Avalanche trained.
Sam:  Want to go Sunday?
Miles: Yes, correction to Sunday.
Look for email.  Housing Lottery complicates things.
Pat: Wind was blowing sideways.  I decided to go off jump onto trail.  I had forgotten we had two weeks of straight melt.  Everything beneath powder was rock and grass.  Oliver is behind me.  He says “Pat that is a rock.”  My skis stop on rock, I flip forwards, fall on my back.  Oliver eats shit too.  Splayed out rock.  Miles is totally chill.
Oliver: “My back!”
Noel: I skied the D today.  There is a jump near the bottom.  Let’s make that a thing again.