BOC Minutes 9/20/17

Minutes 9/20/17

He spreads his arms and rises from the Earth. His hair spreads in a radiant golden halo surrounding his magnificent cranium. His slow ascent rockets to mind boggling speeds as he bruns through the atmosphere. The chaos suddenly turns to calm as the Earth’s gaseous membrane is left behind. The Dear Leader Paul floats elegantly through the cosmos. The cosmic rays and physical heat of the sun do not singe his skin or hair, both fragrantly coated in a layer of Dr. Bronner’s finest soap. The Center of The Universe appears out before him. There it is.


Dear Leader — P AUL– Recap of how to become a council member – Come to 3 meetings

– Go on a work trip
Dear Leader –P A UL– We have an excellent calendar of trips. If you have a

planned trip please tell Paul and we can put it on the calendar. Wanna lead a calendar trip this weekend? Please!

JUDY!!! – BOC 100th anniversary coming up soon. Help plan it because you may still be here!

Daniel the Red – Rock climbing is dangerous, but still fun! Kilometers says we need to communicate more. It helps in climbing and in romantic settings. Always be safe and use protection.

Me – Send me an email if you have a cool but expensive trip (if you have to rent stuff or buy food etc.) you must send me an email first. Same for gear proposals!!

GEAR/money trips:
Kilometers- We need more bikes!! One Large and one Extra Large to increase our size REPETWAAAh. $900. Passed.

QUICK NOTE ON VOTING FROM THRON –council members only–

Surfing Directors- We need some wax to keep our wiggly noodles from sliding off our sticks. $20. Passed.

Nel Hooooooooood – We needa rent some bikes for our rad women-oriented beginner MTB trip. $450. Passed

Tess- $1000 to pay for Ragnar which happened recently with like 13 runners. Does not pass.

  • –  Much discussion, many questions
  • –  It was very inclusive and life changing ahhhhhh
  • –  Okay $400! Passes.

    TRIPS :
    D ear LEADA PA U L – Advance is next week. It’s a fun ceremony next Wednesday at

    the BOC lean-to nearby. It’s an awesome and fun time.

    Eileen- Hammock village at the puddle next Monday

    Fos- Cleaning of lean-to right before advance (next Wednesday). WORK TRIP WOOOOO!!!

    Fos- BOC Appalachian Trail maintenance trip. 9/30. Gonna be siiiiiick. Blaze it.

    Sarge – This Saturday 9/23 BOC AT maintenance. Also 10/14. Clear shit. Hike. Enjoy. Win. Live.

    Sarge – Peaks weekend (in October) at the Bigelows.

    Jawj- Friday night Rumney. Climbing Saturday. TSSSAAH. Anyone can come. Jawj’s dad is comin. How many routes are there? TWO thousand.

    Go a r Din- Beginner MTB Friday. Advanced rides on Sunday and Monday. Beginner trips are REALLY beginner. You only need to know how to ride a bike. So fun So easy So Fresh So Clean!

    Anna- Friday morning trail run. “Oh f” -sophia
    Mitch- Shagging some rocks tomorrow. Shagg Crag. “Sheg creg”- adair
    Daniel the Red- Walking my dog on Friday night
    Kt- Going to salt PUMP on Sunday. Leave morning. Come back for some H dubbya. Adam One- bouldering at Bradbury on Monday
    Joshwuh- Katahdin is comin up. HEads up for e mails.


SARGE: Another sailing race wut wuuuuut. Canadians are messing with the first placers “soooooory.” The wind died near Halifax oh nooooo ehhhhh. For five hours? Omg. Finished third behind a boat that hit a whale. Maybe illegal whalers. Actually two whales down. Call green peace!!

Thron: Got some goats and live in Vermont. Also purchasing local jiggalo goats. Coincidence? I think so. Accidental pygmy sex. More pygmies oh yeaaaaahhhh.

Justin: Bored a nice ole hole in his /bow/ climbing. Pretty deep oh yeah. Wanna see dat bone? Heck yes.

Adam One: Camden Hills sport climb. Broke the rock, finished the climb. Just gotta send it.

The Dear Leader Paul reaches for the crystal clear bottle. Clear as ICE. Its clarity interrupted only by the spicy carbonation within. The twist off cap yields easily before the great power of His hands, gentle yet strong like the love in his heart. He touches the cool glass to his lips. “ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE” come the cheers of all the Dear Leaders of all the Outing Clubs of all the Planets of all the Universe. He finishes, but he is locked in eternity. One with the bottle. One with the Universe. He returns to us now and before and forever onwards more knowledgeable and ready to lead.

James Pardo Secretary of it All.