BOC Minutes 10/11/17

Minute things 10/11/17

Shmoogly dobbly beebly dee

Boc meetings are the place to be

Stumpesis 420:420

Wade not into the depths of the puddle. The water is dark and full of terrors. He who wades is likely to remain in the tepid abyss for eternity, consumed by the passions of unfulfilled culinary desires and the disappointment of never having completed the academic challenge. The puddle is a murky reflection of the inner self. Tis a browned and rusted funhaus mirror that bends the subject’s mind into a distorted nalgene, warped by the heat of boiling pasta water. But lest the wader resist the binding sorcery of those tenebrous waters, he may emerge stronger, smellier, more flexible of mind. More willing to send. Puddelius Jumpicus


Eli: This Saturday fun activities of the Shred variety at the Shred barn. Shred movies, Shred grilling, Shredding.

Kilometers: Don’t take any bikes over break!!

Dear Leader: All canoes reserved for this weekend

Will i are: T.i.T. info and T hours right after this


Kilometers: I know we are spending lots of money on bike stuff. I don’t care I want to spend more. We need emergency gear specifically for trip leaders. Small mini pump, first aid kit, tubes, and a bag to hold it all. $145. Passed.

Thorn: Fall break mountain biking. $450 for 20 people shredding over break (out of pocket $25). Bike rentals, van rentals, and gas. Food from monz. Passed.


Sergeant Berdon: Final AT maintenance. That shit is gonna be maintained. This Saturday 10/14.

Shreddy Reback: Little trail run in the Whites this weekend. Like 20 sometihng miles no big deal. Leave Friday night, back Saturday (time depending on sendiness).

Adam One: Going to Rumney to climb on Friday. Beginner climbing available at Rumney!! Dear Leader: Night climbing at Shagg on Friday.


Zach guy on: Took a spill at Mount A last week. Kilometers advised not going to the health center. Health center says go to the hospital, but gotta hit Katahdin (the medium one). Elbow mostly bends now.

Jesse the Taller Man: Everyone’s trying to learn how to skate. Just gonna send it at the skate park. Kelly and bros send it easily. Jesse fucks his elbow up, looks to Kilometers once again for help.

Anna: Sending it on a horse. Horse is upset at the moisture in the dirt. Aka mud. Gives Anna the ole buck. Anna gives her collar bone the ole break. Doctor gives her collar bone the ole screw. Yyyyup.

Sergeant Berdon: Old cap’n Butch is a hardass, and everyone on the high seas knows it well. He once made a man walk the plank for nought more than stinkin up the head! Butch orders a whoopter dongle past the bow of skimping schooner casting some long lines for lemmings. The satlty fisherman takes offense and lets ole Butch know verbally. Butch’s words: “Shut the fuck up or I’ll kick your teeth in, etc.” Classic cap’n Butch.

Soccer Zachariah: I tried to learn to ride Jesse’s motorcycle and took a spill. There’s a skid mark on the road and on the old boy.

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James pardo

Secretary of minutes and font decisions