BOC Meeting Minutes 10/3/18

Our dear secretary is “unwell,” so I get to take notes.

Notes 10/3

Miles begins the meeting, thanks Alex and Sarge and Ken and Judy for organizing a very successful work trip – lots of wood has been cut and stacked

Judy talks about the value of advance, welcoming club members and bringing new club members and their values and ideas

Judy asks if we know why it’s called advance? Gordon does, it’s because the BOC doesn’t retreat, we just advance

Judy says that the BOC had cabins back when she was a student, they also had curfews, which was why they were so popular. Eventually, the cabins were taken down because they were afraid they would be lit on fire by the vandals

So the BOC built the OG lean-to at fisher farm, but Bates sold it to a developer

But they Judy bought all this land, so the BOC came out and scouted a location and Ben Ayers ’99 planned and built the lean-to for short term credit. They got the whole football team to come out and carry logs using webbing and the old college president came out to work on it and the chaplaincy came out to bless it. So Judy put a conservation easement on all the land and guaranteed the BOC access to the land in perpetuity

Miles reads Ben Ayers’ poem “a prayer for the lean-to”

Miles tells us this is a special place. We all agree, if you haven’t come out to see it yet, come spend a night with the BOC or on your own


Gordon announces that we are designing BOC socks, will have examples next week. All can buy them, alums included. Miles wants them to say “Amore ac Lean-to” instead of “Amore ac Studio”

Miles moves seats because he’s getting smoked up like a rotisserie

Megan and Alex are leading a trip on the last weekend of October with the Granite Back Country alliance, will be a work trip cutting back country ski trails for this winter. There will be free stickers and a raffle and a chance to win a help-ski trip to British Columbia

Gordon announces that on Friday in Hedge there will be a lecture by Ken Illgunas who hiked the keystone pipeline path and wrote a book at 4:15

Hermione announces there will be a lunch with Ken, email Sonia Pjieck (may be spelled wrong) and ask her about it

Miles says that WFA sign up will be closing on Friday, the class will be November 3rd and 4th. Costs $150, cheaper than usual and there is some financial aid available via the personal expense fund from the Office of Campus Life

Ken announces that courtesy of his wife Sue there are some chocolate chip cookies passing around. Sucks for you if you’re


Megan says she’s running a marathon in vermont on the 13th if you want to go

Adam makes an announcement about a climbing trip

Gordon says maybe a work trip this weekend


Miles studied abroad in Chile. He has a girlfriend, named Annalee. She came to visit him and they rented a camper van. It was just a white van with a mattress in it, engine under the driver seat, no airbags. Safety Miles feels risky. They went grocery shopping and bought 4 avocados and hadn’t eaten them yet. Miles isn’t a big avocado person, but they start eating it. Miles puts it on rice cakes, Annalee is normal so she doesn’t. They eat one each and are not feeling great. So they eat another one each and really feel terrible. They drop off the van and are sitting at a bus stop and stomachs begin rumbling and they realize there are no public bathrooms and they do not feel well. He feels unique because he overdosed on avocados.

Owen Bailey

Last summer he went to Iceland with some friends, there is a lot of countryside. He stayed in it and saw some Icelandic Ponies. They decided one night to go adventuring along a field, someone told them that Icelandic Ponies like to eat people meat. They see a pack of horses booking it toward them, think this could be it. But then the horses stop and eat some grass. Owen gets a patch!

Maya McDonough

When Maya was 6 or 7 she went to a summer concert. When she got home, the window was broken open with claw marks on it and they think it could have been a lion or a bear. Her dad goes to make noise to scare it out. Maya stands under the window and then a big ass bear comes out of it and corners her and she told her dad the bear was scared of her because she has her face painted like a lion. Way to show the bear who’s boss. Maya gets a patch!

Hermione Zhou

Hermione used to play basketball a lot in middle and high school in China, she used to have to break into to courts to play ball. She climbed a 15 foot barbed wire fence to go play some ball, it was tough to climb. Was only supposed to be outside for 30 minutes. Someone started yelling to stop playing there, she ignored them and kept playing. Then someone threw a cabbage at her and she got scared and climbed out and forgot her ball. Tried to play it cool, didn’t really pull it off. Hermione gets a patch!

Sarah Merbergh

Was in Ecuador, hiked up to a rope swing and fell and cut open her elbow. She brushed it off, but then someone came to get her because she fell in front of the village shaman and they needed to do a 2 hour blessing in front of everyone. Sarah gets a patch!

Natasha Kaluzynski

Was at a music festival in upstate New York, violent weather. Lots of rain, noah’s ark-esque down pour. When it stops raining, they decided to go mud sliding and got real dirty. Then her friend work up the next morning with pink eye. Someone tells her an old wives tale that if your baby has pinkeye then you should put some breast milk in its eye to cure it. Kelly goes running off on a mission and comes back with a full cup of breast milk and three people had to hold Natasha’s friend down to pour it in her eye and it worked. Take notes, Bates Health Center.

Ben Schmandt

Was on a lake, takes a canoe out with his friends. Not a very big canoe. Wind starts picking up, current gets stronger. They paddle as hard as they can but aren’t making any progress, keep missing the beach to take out at, get stuck in place but finally get out of the lake. Has not canoed since. ben gets a patch!

Alex Rotevell

Was in Istanbul, Turkey. On the Marmara, bikes 60km to the Black Sea. Starts getting followed by dogs who were nipping at their feet a little bit, couldn’t really get away super well. Didn’t want to go back with the dogs doing that again, so they called their parents. They felt shameful.

Nick Prawer

Loves fishing a lot. Was in a fly fishing tournament, having a hard time catching fish that were good enough for it. Wanted to place top 10, but was struggling. 11th hour, goes out super early, not great conditions, something wrong with their boat. Drift out too far, sees a big fish go by, thinks he spooked them. Caught a nice large fish. Fish plays hard to get, maybe too hard. His rod popped off and he had lots of colorful language to go with it. Then there was a thunderstorm. Went back out post storm, landed a good fish and caught his biggest fish ever on a rod, got 3rd place. Nick gets a patch!

Alix Zabin

Was in April in Nepal with her dad, working as a pharmacist but she doesn’t speak Nepalese. Takes a day off, goes to the hot springs. Hears something that sounds like pebbles, brushes it off. Old men start yelling at her, realizes a landslide is starting above her. She runs across the bridge and a farmer let her stand under her cowshed, very cold and wet. Needed to evacuate the area. Goes to clean her feet off on the weeds, realizes that she’s looking at marijuana plants. Alix gets a patch!

Megan Detels

This summer, she went with her sister Milly to go hiking with a friend. They drive half an hour and Megan realizes that she forgot all of the snacks, so they go to a Hannafords at 10pm, keep driving. Then Megan realizes that she forgot to buy real food. They go to another hannafords, finds lots of ramen and buys it and lived off ramen for four days. Megan gets a patch, despite being a director for two years. Megan gets a patch!


Gordon proposes $200 for the new canoe rack. Old one has rotten away, we need to build a new one or risk the wrath of facilities. Passes!

Megan proposes money for money for some vans for a ladies surfing trip. Passes!

Matt asks for money for the CHEWS trip to pick pumpkins and apples. It gets tabled.

See you all next Wednesday!