BOC Meeting Minutes 9/12/18

Hello all!

Below you’ll find MINUTES aka detailed NOTES from the first Bates Outing Club (henceforth referred to as BOC) meeting of Fall 2018. If you weren’t able to make the meeting or need a refresher on some details of what was said, we send these out each week post-meeting just to catch y’all up & further inundate your inbox.


Minutes First BOC Meeting of 2018 (Wednesday 9/12)

Commences at 5:30 on the Esteemed Library Quad

-BOCers sit in circular formation (better for seeing everyone’s bright shining faces m’dear)

-Miles (First name Miles Last name Lamberson, BOC President) apologizes for meeting time conflicting w/ sports practice, time will be adjusted for next and future weeks to try to fit more ppls schedules.

-Zach (First name Zachary Last name Guion, BOC Vice President) gives run-down of Fall Fest 2018! We show the awesome shirts designed by Lily Kip (for sale at Fall Fest events for $10), talk about Clambake logistics.

-CLAMBAKE is a glorious and traditional BOC event wherein Bobcats converge upon the beautiful Popham Beach in Phippsburg, ME for a crisp fall day of surfing, beaching, burgering and lobstering. To our great joy, it is this Saturday, September 15th, as the perfect wholesome activity before 80s Dance that night. Buy tickets in advance or day of, $5 burger, $10 lobster, First-Years are freeeeeeeeeeee!!! We will be providing (free!) buses that leave from behind commons at 10am, and will bring everyone back to Bates at 2pm from Popham (make sure to stop by the BOC table in commons to sign up for the bus in advance). If you’re an upperclassmen who wants a free burger or anyone who wants a work trip: please sign up to table in commons Thursday or Friday or cook/set up/takedown at Popham on Saturday!! link to signup to help out is

-Directors go around and introduce themselves, explain their directorship areas, and shout out their Fall Fest trips- all detailed in the Fall Fest flyer attached.

-Miles explains that during regular meetings we would do gear votes- If you want to propose a gear purchase to the BOC, send an email to the Secretary (Chandler Ryan, and she will forward it to the group so everyone can read up. We will vote on it at the next meeting!

-Zach explains how you get to vote at BOC meetings- you become a council member! 3 steps: go to 3 BOC meetings, tell a story at a meeting (can be about a fun commons creation, can be about an awesome animal you saw outside somewhere, can be a fun story from your AESOP! or anything else), and do a work trip! Work trip could be tabling for an event, helping strip climbing wall, cleaning up E-Room. Once you have these 3 steps done, you get a cute BOC patch and become a council member and can vote in meetings and for directorships and lead trips (which is all fun, cool and lit).

-Miles talks about mission of the club- student run, based on learning, respectful of prior ability levels, interests, etc. The focus is on getting all Bates students out in the beautiful state we go to school in. For fun, for reflection, for making new friends and trying new things.

-Miles reiterates that all trips, facilities, meetings are open to everyone on campus!!! We mean it: if you want to get outside or get involved w BOC, we want to see you on one of our trips and/or at our meetings!!!

That’s all for this week. Come to the meeting next Wednesday for stories, gear proposals, and more trip announcements (time & location will be sent out by email).
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(jk just me, Chandler, secretary)

BOC Fall Festival ’18 T-Shirts $10/shirt

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