BOC Meeting Minutes 9/19/18

Hi y’all,

Below are minutes from tonight’s meeting on the beauuuuutiful library quad, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. We’re still in the part of the fall when we can maybe hold meetings outside, so next week’s meeting time is still TBD and will be emailed out, but we HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. If you have any questions about trips, meetings, or anything else BOC related, email us!

<3 Chandler

Minutes Second BOC Meeting Fall 2018

Wednesday 9/19 on the library Quad commences at 6pm

-Miles welcomes everyone and says tonight’s meeting is at 6pm bc it’s outside so it is still light out, once we move inside meetings will be at 6:30 to accommodate more schedules (athletes we love you! Sorry our outside meetings conflict with practice:()

-Folks go around and say names and directorships!!!!
-Miles talks about how he remembers when first joining the BOC meetings were a little intimidating! He thinks even now, as a senior, we’re still kinda making it up as we go along and STOKED to get to know everyone, so please come to meetings, get involved, you are welcome here!

-Call for announcements from the crowd:

-Oliver says we have constitutional things to do: We only have one Cabs and Trails director, if you would like to run, email Oliver Farnum (parliamentarian)  and Chandler Ryan (secretary) If you are interested in the position you can talk to Sarge (Matthew Berdon about what the position entails. Chandler will create a ballot and we will vote next week. #getoutthevote

-Eli Nixon will be peddling his wares after the meeting (selling his awesome BOC stickers) he now has entered the digital age and accepts venmo! We are so pleased 🙂

-Miles announces that we now have a budget, wooooo! It’s lower than we wanted but higher than it could have been, so we rockin & rollin! We have an initial allocation and will be carefully tracking our spending to be able to get more at the mid-year

-Huge thanks to everyone who participated in and supported fall fest, it was lit!

-If you have any suggestions or feedback for anything about the way we are doing things, please approach any director to let us know, we want this to be the best club it can be for y’all

-Miles announces new gas reimbursement process- if you are running a trip where ⅗ or more seats in your car are available to BOCers, you can get reimbursed for gas. We now use GASBUDDY a cool fun swanky website/app that will help us figure out gas mileage. You can do this for even small distances, so it’s more helpful if you just went to the lean-to and back and didn’t need to fill up your whole tank, and you can fill up and then get reimbursed for the amount you used for the trip. This is furthering us as becoming a more legit club and helping with budgeting processes.

-Talia Sperduto (treasurer) shouts out treasurer hours (t-hours), she emails them out every week and you can bring your receipts from BOC trips to her and get reimbursed.

-Nathan Delmar & Peter Galloway (E-Room directors) shout out E-Room (Equipment Room) hours!! This is when you can come to the BOC and borrow gear for freeeeee (with security deposit that you get back upon returning your gear)! This could be tents, backpacks, camping stoves, snowshoes, and sooooooo many more fun things!! Also you can just come check out the space, hang out, or you can come help and learn how the e-room works. It is a fun, but hard to find place: in order to find the e-room, you should find courage deep within your heart, print out a map of campus, and put on your best adventuring outfit. JK just go to the chase hall loading dock (the weird side of chase on the path between commons and 65/55), find the painted BOC logo, and enter through the doors! Continue straight through the large empty room to the door at the back, and you have reached the illustrious e-room.

-Eli Nixon announces that SURFBOARDS are now living in the E-Room!!!! They were getting cold and lonely in the shred barn, and we like to show our gear some love. You can check them out like regular gear, but if there is a big surfing trip coming up make sure to bring them backkk

-Eli mentions, if anyone wants some BOC leadership and fun and to plan a rad trip, come talk to him or email him! Fun trip that involved surfing and passports! (hint hint october break babyyyyy)

Trip Announcements!

-Sarge (Matthew Berdon, Cabins & Trails Director) announces he will be leading a trip to the Bates section of the Appalachian trail this weekend! They’ll be doing trail maintenance in a beautiful area so go along for fun taking care of an important trail, and counts as a work trip if you are looking to become a voting council member. Email him for more details

-Next weekend (September 28th and 29th) is KATAHDIN WEEKEND!!!! Katahdin weekend is where we send several trips up to Baxter state park on both friday and saturday to stay overnight and hike the highest peak in Maine. Gorgeous area, fun mems, a wholesome weekend all around. There will be room for approx 64 ppl. If you want to be a leader, leaders will be selected on Friday, fill out the form that Danielle Ward emailed out earlier this week. Apply to be a leader it’s super fun!!!! In the past signups for going on trips have been first come first served, will now be way chiller and fairer and randomized! Good news all around.

-Sarge will also be leading another work trip the weekend of Katahdin to try to break down the downed tree on the Bates lean-to trail!

-WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certification course coming up!!! WFA is an awesome certification if you’re interested in getting more involved in the outdoors/ want to be a camp counselor/ want to lead trips pretty much anywhere. Financial aid will be available, more info will be sent out soon so keep your eyes peeled. If you want to be able to lead BOC trips, get WFA certified!


Funding/Gear Proposals

-Abbott (Sarah Abbott, climbing director) requests funding for campsites for upcoming Rumney Beginner Climbing trip, it’s $10 per person and should be about $160. This is important as we want to make sure beginner trips are as accessible as possible! We vote, unanimous support, the funding passes!



-Ethan Simon tells a sweet tender story about this summer when he was an evening warrior from his corporate job, left work a lil early to send it to the mountain biking trails, realizes he forgot his biking shoes & decides to go for it in his fancy work shoes! Encounters the largest group of people he’s ever seen there who are all “what are thooooooose” at his kicks, and proceeds to run into them again later when he lost his phone. Luckily, they are good eggs and use modern technology to help him find his phone!!! Snaps for Ethan & making new friends

-Sarge (Matthew Berdon) tells a story about this summer when he was sailing keeping watch on the deck, and he reads a beautiful poem about the experience! Snaps for Sarge & poetry!

-Zach Guion tells a story about this summer when he went backpacking w/ some Bates pals and forgot his stove, luckily they had another one but it was BROKEN, so some nice ppl helped them out and lent them a stove at their campsite! Peaks were bagged, egos were bruised. Snaps for Zach & remembering to check our stoves before we head out on a trip!