BOC Meeting Minutes 9/26/18

Hi all,

Below are the minutes from last night’s BOC meeting which was held in the meeting room in chase hall! We moved to our regular meeting time of 6:30 in hopes to accommodate more schedules- if there’s a large group conflict you know of with 6:30 Wednesday nights, please let us know. The purpose of minutes is to keep a historic record of BOC meetings, as well as to fill in anyone who wasn’t able to make the meeting but wants to know what went on. Read on for trip announcements, stories, and election result!


<3 Chandler

BOC Minutes 3rd Meeting of the Year!!!! 9/26/18

Held in BOC meeting room in Chase Hall


Sarge (Matthew Berdon) blows horn to bring the meeting to a start!

Miles opens and thanks everyone for coming, we have a great turnout and sorry for the meeting room being a bit tricky to find!



Jin needs somebody to drive the trailer for a sunrise paddle next Thursday! Chandler possibly volunteers!


Annabel Mahon- weekend after parents weekend, ladies surf trip!! Email is


Nathan- E-Room hours after the meeting with cleanup!!!

Miles- we have an environmental health and safety walkthrough of E-Room tomorrow, we need to clean up and have eyes to look for the things they would be looking for!! Let’s keep a clean record w our clean folks over there


Danielle- there is a ladies shortridge overnight on Friday, there are still spots open! Emails have been sent out to the BOC listserv, email her if you want to join!


Danielle Ward- Katahdin is happening this weekend!! Woooooo!!! (huge shoutout to Danielle and Hadley for organizing this awesome weekend coming up, it’s a ton of logistics and they’ve handled it beautifully!!! Katahdin weekend is a traditional BOC event where we send a bunch of trips up to Baxter State Park to hike the highest peak in Maine- it’s absolutely gorgeous and super fun, if you didn’t get onto a trip this year try again next year!)


Oliver Farnum- Ethan and Oliver ( will be leading a beginner mountain biking trip at 4pm/4:15 THIS FRIDAY to Mount Apatite, email him! Bikes & transportation provided, fun will be had.


Gordon Platt- This saturday will be heading over to sugarloaf or north conway for some intermediate level mountain biking & you should come along! He’ll send out an email, if you’d like to get in touch his email is


Miles Lamberson- next week’s meeting will be ADVANCE, at the lean to which is ~20 min away from school, we will tell stories around a campfire and it will be fun and people will get patches!!!


Gear/Money proposals

Danielle- money for van for one day for ladies shortridge trip (around $85) we will first try to get it from security, but if not money for van from USAVE. Vote passes!!!



Margaret Dever- This past weekend went to Bigelows Ladies backpacking trip, it was getting chilly!!! They made a shelter out of tarps and then there were OREOS!!! And the oreos went in 7 min flat. A classic tale! Margaret gets a patch <33


Emma Christman- Story about AESOP! They were all in the van and then they saw a PIE STAND and a glorious blueberry pie, they were so EXCITED to eat it, on their merry way in their canoes 6 miles down the lake and realized the pie was on the dock!!!! A tragedy of a massive nature! A patch for Emma <3


Alex Platt- Driving down from Alaska w a friend, great day, worried about bears and have bear spray in tent, blows up sleeping pad, and tried to sit down on it but accidentally set off the bear spray and CAN”T SEE!!!!! This is concerning bc not only can he not see, in a tent, but also now the bear spray has gone off… luckily all lived! Patch for Alex <3


Mary Buford-Turnage- Mary was abroad in Tanzania- walking down a path at night and almost didn’t bring a flashlight but last minute borrowed one and saw a huge snake, she thinks it is an alligator and they had to drag it away. But don’t worry the guides say, it is a very polite snake!! Patch for Mary <3


Hannah- She was in the Amazon, had a bug net, got up in middle of night to pee and maybe didn’t tuck the bug net in all the way, and she feels something climbing up her leg but tries to shake it off, finally gets her flashlight and it was a 3 inch long cockroach!!!! Patch for Hannah <3


Ursula Rall- 2nd day of leading AESOP they camped with Colby, they’re being friendly, but then somebody suggests to prank Colby- idea is to melt chocolate, smear on hands and run over to Colby and say it was an emergency and they ran out of toilet paper! Jin puts go-pro in his sleeve and they go running over to Colby, they were so not having it. Moral of the story, Bates students are funner and better! Patch for Ursula <3


Eli Nixon- Also AESOP, they get off the Appalachian Trail and the sign is painted AT sign, looks kinda like an arrow. They run into a Harvard trip, the leader is being all bravado and hardo, luckily saving grace he knows a good friend of our sweet Tess. Once they get the guy talking about their day they realize the leader who is being super silly not reading signs and thinking he was in a construction zone!!! Moral of the story- keep your ego in check and read signs!!!


Ethan Simon- Was skiing with a buncha BOC alum we love and one of them was doing a lot of filming for a sick ski edit, they decide to get sendy and take off all their clothes to ride up!! Who should come along but a huuuuge group of people, Ethan & co have no good explanation for what is occurring!



Running for Cabins and Trails- Alex Platt runs unopposed and unanimously wins!

Meet your new Cabs & Trails co-director! Alex will (with Matthew Berdon) be organizing trail maintenance trips and lean-to trips this semester. His email is if you have any questions about how to get involved with these types of trips.