BOC Meeting Minutes 10/24/18

BOC Meeting Minutes Wed 10/24


Commences at 6:30 in the meeting room, called to order by the grand sound of the horn operated by none other than Sarge Berdon. Miles welcomes, calls attention to the ~new and improved~ furniture arrangement. While we have not yet achieved full feng shui, we are on the road to a less hierarchically elevated chair setup!! wooooo



Gordon Platt- cool mtn biking event this weekend in utah streamed online and you should watch it!!!! Wild stuff you should not do it if you value your life but you should watttccch for fun hit up for the deets

Sarge Berdon- Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the trail maintenance this year, our section of the ATl is in good shape thanks to you! Weather prevents another trip but awesome work has been done.

Tommy Sheils- ZigZag movie tonight at 8pm in Filene PGrew! If you’re there rn, you’re there.

Marge Dever- Saturday Nov 3rd 5k relay race at lost valley sponsored by Baxter! running! and with entrance fee you get unlimited free baxter samples if you’re 21;) link here:

Peter Galloway- E-room event cleaning and intentorying last weekend was a success!! We’ll do more of them, if you want to get involved reach out to Peter or Nathan and you can always come help.

Miles Lamberson- If you want SOCKS (which you 100% do) order before this friday 4pm!!! BOC socks amazinnngg good family holiday gift imagine those warm feet<3

-Thanks to everyone who helped with fall break trips! They were huge success and a lot of awesome work done by y’all

-Recent article by Bates Student about BOC, check it out here! Also, check out our FB page for some fun wild comments from alum.

Megan Detels- Sunday River opened last weekend & got a foot of snow last night! Various BOCers shout out their season pass links… there’s probably multiple posts in your class fb page and email offering season passes, hit one of them up.

Gordon- The otis lecture this year is this saturday in olin at 7pm, a woman talking about communicating climate change from a less scientific perspective, hmmmmm the crowd tells us it appears it is sold out,oops  sucks2suck

Miles- if you’re doing an overnight trip it’s suuuper important that you do the trip registration/approval forms, you will need to do this to get reimbursement !!

-elections for 2nd semester positions will be later in November, anybody can run if you’re a council member

-We’re moving ahead w the NOLS review, thanks to everyone who is helping out with that, when NOLS is on campus and we have more space for in person help we’ll keep y’all in the loop and ask for your help



Adam proposes Halloween climbing comp decorations (WE LOVE HALLOWEEEEEN FRICKIN BATS) ($22.61) passed! Get spooooky



Eli- is doing a sendy activity will send out an email

Megan- She and Alex are leading a trip to baldface to cut glades for saturday leaving 7am getting back 6or7pmish, lots of fun cool ppl to meet, they will send out another email and another signup keep your eyes peeeeeled.

Gordon- he will be leading a trip to Mt David (on campus) this friday around 1pm to work on mtn biking trails, neighbors seem like they’re down?

Abbott- ladies climbing trip on the wall in merrill w/ Tess next wed 8-9pm

Zach- the weekdn of nov 3rd & 4th, PEAKS WEEKEND!!!! Email coming out tonight w links to lead trips. We have some ideas but also looking for your ideas! Trip signup will follow later, likely this weekend. Peaks Weekend will be weather dependent, winter came early and we looooove to be safe so keep ur eyes and ears PEELED. Peaks Weekend is BOC tradition where we get as many ppl outside doing stuff w peaks as possible!




Nathan Delmar- he was at b8s this summer and near NH mtns so wanted to do NH 48s, planned a big day for a satuurday wakin up super early got to trail at 8am, got to go up mt moriah legs start feelin super weird, not feelin gains calls grandparents from top, starts peeing red??? Thinks he maybe is dying, hour 6 he still has like 10 miles to go, makes it to carter hut, hitchhiked a british dude in the van, biked 20 miles to car, next day hands were super splotchy goes to doctor, he says he needs to go to emergency room, he got a marathon runner disease, somehow heart virus self induced kidney failure he was peeing muscle. Don’t hike if we have a heart virus?!?!?! We learn something new every dayyyyyyyy. Snaps for powering thru!

Sarge Berdon- was doin a big boat race this summer, 50ft sailboat, not much wind, suuuuper slow mirror water took 99 hours!!!! North atlantic slooooow stufff, at one point boat goes backward. Highlight was seeing a WHALE!!! Snaps for full sails ahead

Gordon- about an hour and a half ago, he called his brother Alex to see if he wanted to go see the sunset bc looked like it was gonna be a goooood one, they went to turner and it was beautiful!!! Snaps for brotherly love <3

Hannah Palacios- speaking of whales, last summer at a lighthouse park swimming and cliff jumping and orca whales chased her friends back up the cliffs. Snaps for wild creatures

Sage Reynolds- on AESOP was paddling and pulled off onto an island to pee, a little boy in a red shirt runs by her, but she thought maybe it was someone from her trip who was also wearing a red shirt, doesn’t believe in ghosts though, later asked everyone if they saw a boy and they didn’t, but she looked back and he was peeking out of the woods, they were a little worried but he seemed happy so no worries! Snaps for unattended children

Anna Greeenswald- another water story, a couple summers ago she was on long island sound where she lives, she and a friend decided to bring a picnic out, laid on the rocks and it is now a lovely tradition!! Snaps for magical outdoor meals!

Parker- he and a friend maybe are gonna drive out to colorado, planned but realized it was too sendy, maybe going to nova scotia, ended up going to his house in NH and bouldering and doin some staycation exploring!!! Snaps for finding magic in ur own backyard </3

Ellie- last year spent working from february in british isles massive snow storm hit in cork city ireland tryna take a bus but the bus gets canceled, next bus will be in 4 days, they take stock and barely have any food, they go from store to store tryna find food but everybody else knows about the storm, survives on all you can eat toast for 1 euro, ireland does noooot know what to do w snow. Snaps for living on a dream!

Kendall-sailing in the caribbean, from 2 islands, a boy on her program named dylan whose dad directed Ant Man, they were sailing a 50ft boat on a 100mile overnight sail, she was on midnight to 3am shift, Dylan says he saw a flare, they didn’t see it but they think maybe they should go check it out, they spend 2 hours looking for this ship and then it was a cruise ship setting off fireworks. Snaps for safety and celebration

Molly Schenck- has 5 sisters, one is having a bat mitzvah and super serious up on the stage, her 2 brothers turn to each other and go “we didn’t know she could read” and crack up during a serious moment and they can’t go back to synagogue anymore. Snaps for senses of humor!

Miles- over break he and gordon ran into some pro mtn bikers whose faces he recognized, they’re up on the time and these ppl ride by and they chat to them, gordon super stoked to meet them, maybe got a job from it?? We loooove celebrities! Snaps for people who are good at what they do.