BOC Meeting Minutes 11/7

Hi all,

We had a very exciting evening tonight with NOMINATIONS for next semester’s BOC leadership. Link HERE to the spreadsheet of which people are nominated for certain positions!

Please !! everyone check the spreadsheet to see if you have been nominated for a position!! Tonight at our meeting we did in-person nominations, but you can nominate yourself or anyone else who is a BOC council member by adding their name to the appropriate list up until our next meeting, which will be after Thanksgiving break in 3 weeks. At our next meeting on Nov 28th (BOC election day essentially), please be prepared to say a couple short sentences about why you’re interested in the position you’re running for. Along with that, if you were nominated for a position that you are NOT interested in running for, please remove your name from the list!

Check over the nominations, edit as needed, and get ready to get suuuuper full of pumpkin dip & maple-leaf-shaped cheese at harvest dinner next week instead of meeting!!!

meeting notes are below!



BOC Meeting Wednesday November 7th

Sarge blows the horn, Miles brings meeting to order in BOC meeting room in chase hall!



-Miles: congrats to everyone who did WFA this past weekend!! 18 ppl, we looove safety

-yay for peaks weekend!!! We had a lonesome lake trip and a salt pump climbing trip funnn

-pay for your SOCKS!!!! company sent miles a picture of the first physical mockup & it looks gud

-Next Wednesday is HARVEST DINNER, a GLORIOUS EVENING in commons!! Special day, doors open at 4:30, you want to be in line or eat late, get a table, love the music and pumpkin dip don’t be late!!

-No BOC meeting next week due to the magic of harvest dinner <3

-Miles met the guy who gave the avalanche training to a Bates group last year, he said awesome things and it was one of his favorite trainings of the year

-We discuss the tasteful noodz calendar, Tombone signs up to organize!! Send ur pics to Tommy Sheils, key word TASTEFUL

-Peter gives a plug for AESOP coord applications which are coming up! It’s an awesome and intense job, keep your eyes peeled 4 email



Ronan- potential work trip next week. He and Gordon have been running a bike program at Montello Elementary, and they would like to next Thursday get funding and host a bike clinic for the kids there. If anyone is skilled at bike maintenance or just being friendly with kids (will have an obstacle course to do with them) if you’re interested it’ll be 2:40-4pm next thursday! Check for an email from Ronan and Gordon

-Eli Nixon says on friday afternoon there will be fun repair work over at shred barn between moulton and hacker, resurfacing the skate ramp and alsoooo do some skating, Tommy may have bought some new boards for shred club. It’s a shred club based event but if you want to use a drill or just skate come check it out!



-6 pairs of microspikes for around $240 which is way less than usually sold. Passes!!!



Sarge- sailing with a crazy crew! Pulling a d-smith.

Annabel- Talia Alexa and Annabel led a ladies surf trip w 39 signups brought 11, almost everybody stood up, the tide came in, awesome vibes everyone had a laugh and a good time, awesome boogie boarding.