BOC Meeting Minutes 10/30/2019

Here are the minutes from yesterday’s meeting. Have a rad halloween and see ya next Wednesday at 6:30. 
Spookily Yours,Andrew Berg

Meeting Minutes

BOC Meeting Room

6:30 PM


Danielle: Hey everyone!

Will: Should I blow the shofar? 

Everyone: Yep

Danielle: Thanks, Will. Hey everyone, welcome to the meeting. Let’s play a game called broken telephone.

Maggie: I will teach it (broken telephone); we talk amongst ourselves as the game commences…

…Eventually, the fun game ends and we are suddenly thrust back into our lives as scholars, athletes, and outdoorspeople. We accept that “broken telephone” is not our reality and slowly descend back into autumnal ennui. 

Come to the BOC meeting next Wednesday to play more games like this one!


Ronan: Even though the sign ups for WFA are technically over, if you’re still interested send me an email. We would love one more person to join. 

Josh via Andrew: Ski movie called The Collective having its Maine premier next Monday (11/4) at 8:00 pm in CARNEGIE 204!!! Free raffles, giveaways in the form of swag from Lost Valley, Backwoods, and Faction. Come to watch some skiing and win prizes!

Danielle: Fall fest next week!!!!! The idea is to celebrate local outdoor spaces and it takes the form of events every day of next week. Maggie made updated calendars for it! They are on the TV screens and in everyone’s email. There will be signups and reminders in the BOC listserv. It’s not too late to lead a trip or activity — so let us know if you want to.

Danielle: Campus life has hired a coordinator of outdoor programs to work to support AESOP and BOC in terms of mostly legal and risk management side of things. Marisa Melnick — she’s new as of a couple weeks ago and has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work already. She’s coming to the meeting next Wednesday yahoo! 

Will: Do we have information on her contract? 

Danielle: Yep! If anyone wants to talk about that or similar things, reach out to me or Maggie or campus life in Chase Hall. 


Adam: Big climbing trip to Acadia. It’s a day trip leaving here at 7:00 am and getting back in time for the Halloween Dance. If you wanna be on the waiting list, email Adam Dohn! 

Charlotte: Leading hike up Mt. Pisgah with Maya! Look for the email sent to the listserv from at 9:33 PM on Oct. 30th if you’re interested in signing up

Maggie: Eco service day is this Sunday if you’re on campus — lotta stuff going on with the eco-reps. 

Danielle: Take pics of your trips and email them to to get featured in the minutes Secretary’s note: do it do it do it do it


Adam: $140 for gas and van to Acadia. PASSES 

Charlotte: Up to $120 for gas and van to Mt. Pisgah PASSES

Ronan: Up to $300 for lodging, food, and general expenses for WFA instructor. PASSES

Maggie: Don’t forget to get your receipts and keep them if you’re paying for gas! Up to $150 cash advance from Campus Life in Chase Hall. Or from Milly Detels — our local treasurer.

Danielle: For ordering vans, call USAVE in Lisbon (?) and say you’re with the Bates Outing Club and you want order one passenger van that fits either 13 or 11 or 15 people for this day and for pick up at this time. Then, travel to USAVE and pick up the van (bring your license.) When the trip is over, be sure to drop off the van back at USAVE with a full tank of gas! 

Milly: You can also get a free van from security for five hours maximum. Apparently these vans are hot commodities around campus.


Danielle: One time at the “Winter Ball” [sic] I stuck my hand in the chocolate fountain. Another time someone at Bates knocked a chocolate fountain over. 

Danielle: That concludes the meeting.