BOC Meeting Minutes 9/11/2019

Hi y’all,
Thanks for coming to the first meeting of the semester! Hope classes are going well, and we’ll see you back next week — same time! Don’t forget to send me gear proposals if you have any.
Below are the minutes for the meeting.
Your Dutiful Secretary,Andrew Berg 

Meeting Minutes


6:30 pm 

The Library Quad

Here’s the scene: everyone sits in the library quad in a steadily expanding circle and the grass is kinda damp so everyone is not really stoked on sitting on it but we all do it anyway and get wet butts. 

All the directors, etc. introduce themselves! And tells the group whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. For example: My name is Andrew, and I’m the Secretary. (Hot dogs are sandwiches) 

Now we will move into ANNOUNCEMENTS

Talia and Annabel: This weekend is clambake! It’s a super fun time and also beforehand, we are doing the pre-clambake learn to surf trip. We will be going to Seawall beach (near popham) slash bates morse mountain and we get to drive down to the beach with all our boards and stuff! You don’t need any equipment or anything. A signup sheet went out yesterday and please sign up to help teach surfing also if you want! See ya there! 

Maggie: Clambake is this weekend! It’s an annual cookout at Popham Beach — about an hour away (more on that below). We have buses leaving chase hall at 10 am and coming back at 2:30 pm. There are lobsters and burgers and veggie burgers and we are selling tickets here after the meeting and tomorrow at commons during lunch and dinner! You can get free tickets by signing up to volunteer to help at clambake or to sell tickets. 

Signe: Wants to get a group together to bike to clambake. It’s a little under 50 miles but it’ll be a good ride if you have a bike and are willing to do it. We will figure out a way to get back to Bates unless you’re wild and wanna ride all the way back. 

Ronan: Anyone can run a trip! If you’re interested in running a trip there is a form you have to fill out and i will send out that email after this. Essentially, you need WFA cert and/or van cert to lead certain trips. And you also have to be a council member which will be explained by Danielle later on. 

Danielle: In terms of involvement in the BOC, anyone can come to any meeting! If you want to be a voting member (council member) you just have to come to three meetings, and do a work trip. And you can tell a story if you want! 

Mitch: first work trip of the year will be resetting the climbing wall at the back of Merrill gymnasium. We will take everything off and put everything back on but in a new order. That’s fun! And then we do it again later in the semester to keep things fresh! Mitch sent an email about it last night it should be on THIS SUNDAY from 10 am to whenever (I think). 

Alex: after the meeting tonight we will be holding equipment room (e-room) hours. If anyone wants to check out gear or just see what the e-room is about, follow us after the meeting!


Send me gear proposals to andrew berg aka if you’re a council member and want any new gear, etc. for the BOC!

Parker: we are trying to resurface the climbing wall. 

$276 for plywood, spray paint, t-nuts, drill bits PASSES

$120 for vans to learn to surf trip PASSES



Alex: I just got a five pound dog. Let’s go on a short hike with the dog. 5 miles was not short for the dog. She was running the whole time and loving it! Yay for small dogs! Everyone claps. 

Will: was out leading hiking trips all summer and the second one he led was in the hundred mile wilderness. It was a 16 mile day, it was pouring all day, and their campsite wasn’t even really a campsite. The boys were super impatient. They finally found a good spot and everyone was celebrating loudly! Two kids tried to get the attention of a random campfire for whatever reason. Will runs back over and says “shut up guys people are trying to sleep” French people run around saying Allez allez allez and the next morning people are loudly banging their shoes. 10 minutes later the French person starts saying “tweet tweet mothereffers time to wake up”. Will tries to calm them down but he keeps swearing at Will and his group out. He eventually walked off and it was a whole ordeal. But the high schoolers thought it was SO FUNNY. Every morning Will woke them up with tweet tweet mothereffer it was an inside joke. They also ran into him later — he’s actually a super nice dude! 

Stick around if you have any questions for any of the directors! 

Everyone says “yay BOC!” and leaves with their slightly damp butts. 

THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE FIRST MEETING OF THE BOC! Come back next Wednesday at 6:30 pm same time same place.