BOC Meeting Minutes 9/25/2019

Good evening Bates Outing Club!

These are the minutes from the meeting tonight, thanks everyone for coming!! Next meeting is the fourth meeting of the year which means it’s Advance — takes place at the BOC lean-to in Greene, ME, 6:30 pm Wednesday.


Andrew Berg



Meeting Minutes

Library Quad

It’s the library quad! Damp grass pervades. Mosquitos are on the hunt tonight. We truly love the outdoors. 

We begin the meeting by doing charades. Will acts out the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Danielle acts out Romeo and Juliet. Ronan acts out Finding Nemo. Jasper acts out Hunger Games. Dylan does Paddington. 

Danielle: Hi everyone! Thanks for the fun charades games. Come to BOC meeting if you want to see more people play charades. 


Ronan: Going to get a WFA class going. First or second weekend of November. You’d do it through a full weekend. Form coming out soon — get interested and tell us you’re interested! WFA is wilderness first aid. It is an intro first aid class that is based in the outdoors. It is also necessary for leading BOC trips in the backcountry! A lot of jobs also love to see it on your resume, especially if you’re into outdoor education. Please join us for WFA class! We get good/competitive rates. More info to come.

Emma: The ecoreps and envio co is hosting an environmental block party this weekend. There will be snacks this Saturday afternoon 12 pm to 3 pm between 280 and Rand on the lawn by the grill!

Jasper: This Oct. break Secretary Andrew and I will be leading a surf trip to Nova Scotia. We have an interest form out right now, please sign up! We want as many people as possible interested before we finalize plans at the end of this week. THE INTEREST FORM CLOSES TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!!! 

Maggie: There’s a “how to lead a BOC trip” tomorrow in the council room, behind Chase hall in the loading dock. This is a Thursday night series event. We sent out an email about it — come if you want to; it’s at 9pm Thursday, which is tomorrow. 

Judy/Danielle: Advance is next week! It happens every year, at the fourth week of school. It’s held in Greene, ME, at the lean-to, which is a three-walled shelter with a roof. It’s an evening meeting that goes a little later. We will do s’mores and such and there will be a work trip before for chopping wood and such. It takes the place of the meeting that usually happens outside on the library quad. Look out for an email about that!

Abbott: Ashka and I are hosting a ladies/ non gender conforming climbing night at the wall next Thursday between 8 and 9 pm! 


Talia: Work trip open to anyone — Jasper and I will be fixing up some surfboards early next week (unless we get the gear sooner, in which case it will be sooner), so if you want to come, learn about surfing, fixing boards, hang out, come thru.

Peter: Mount Katahdin weekend will be happening on the 12th and 13th of Oct. That is when the Bates Outing Club sends a bunch of groups to Katahdin (Katahdin is the tallest mountain in Maine and where the Appalachian trail ends) to hike it. It’s a really beautiful place and a really cool hike! Also an overnight trip — you would stay at Baxter State Park (where Katahdin is). There will be a couple forms being sent out — one for leaders and one for people who want to be on the trips! This is one of the BOC’s most popular trips, so get excited!

Tag: I will start kayak rolling classes on Saturdays! At Range pond, we already had a session and it went super well. Will Green will be there lifeguarding. 

Will: Tag is a really good teacher. We will do some white water trips during short term if you learn how to roll with us these weekends. 

Tag: We must start on a lake, and only then can we move to a river. 

Will: Also, we will offer it for a bunch of weekends so don’t fret if you don’t get it this weekend. Saturday meet in commons around 11 ish — email will be sent out!

Ronan: Clarification: you don’t need a driver’s license to lead a trip but you do need a driver’s license to drive. This is Maine State Law not Ronan State Law. 

Danielle: Jin is leading a sunrise p

Jin: I am leading a sunrise paddle. We are going out Friday morning. We have had over 70 people sent out but we can only take 20. I sent out an email to those who made the cut unless someone can take another trailer or another hitch. We will do one next Friday too probably!


Talia and the surfboard repair items. $160 for everything. This is like epoxy, surfboard fin boxes, pliers, fin tools, fins, etc. so we can have more boards PASSES!!!!

Mitch: Abbott and I are doing a beginner climbing trip to tumbledown dick on saturday! It’s already full (bummer!). He’s asking for 60 plus gas money $80 total PASSES!!!!.


Abott: Yesterday we ran into an alum. Basically there was a student who currently goes here trying to hike up to Shagg crag (climbing spot about 45 mins from Bates). Some random person is going up behind them faster and faster. The person who is currently at Bates is also going faster and faster and takes it as a challenge and then speeds up and is wondering why the creepy person behind them is chasing them. It turns out that creepy person was THORN MERRILL, former BOC president (or VP? Or both? I don’t remember). 

Max: Dani, I’ll tell a story. We were at common-ground fair and I was wearing my BOC hat that I bought senior year of high school because it discreetly said Bates on it. The hat is 5 years old and nicely beaten in. This older guy came up to me and said Bates Outing Club at me! He was wearing this Bates geology hat from 1966. He’s super stoked for the 100th anniversary. MAX IS NOW A COUNSEL MEMBER. HIS BOC PATCH WILL BE DELIVERED TO HIM. 

(E room hours tonight from 7 to 8 but it’s already like 9:30 pm so sorry everyone)

Minutes end here so c y’all next week for ADVANCE!!! 6:30 pm Wednesday at the lean-to, emails will be sent out with more info.