BOC Leadership Meeting Minutes: 12/6/23

  • Updates:
    • Heidi– needs someone to take over outdoor days at Montello next semester. Reach out to the BOC if interested. 
    • Ethan/Ava- want to start running clinics in the E-Room next semester.
      • Adjusted hours for next semester Mon-Thurs-Fri.
  • Winter Carnival:
    • Shenny–  had a meeting with campus life about the Winter Carnival February 5-10
    • Concrete Events: Lost Valley Takeover and Puddle Jump 
    • Potential events: sledding, ice skating, whisper-light iron chef, ski jump (shred club), snowball fight, torch run (a 40-year tradition from the state house to here), igloo. 
    • Favorites among leadership: torchlight run (a collaboration with the run club), Rail Jam (shred club), toboggan races (box sleds), hot coco/sledding with kids from the community.
      • Lili: Could reach out to Darby about community stuff for Winter Carnival and could reach out about making sledding an event in collaboration with intramural.
    • Ethan: Should we create a Winter Carnival sub-committee?
  • Top events to put on.
  1. Torch-light run 
  2. Sledding in collaboration with intramural 
  3. Event with the community (like Halloween).
    1. Ornaments, hot chocolate, candy canes, cookie decorating.
  • Film Festival:
    • Mountain Film– students can pay for a playlist of short films, and host a 1-2 hour event to watch the films. 
    • Invite Colby, Bowdoin, and Lewiston Community. 
    • High expense but if we charge a small fee for people outside the college it could be doable.