Compensatory Time & Schedule Changes

As a private employer, Bates College cannot offer compensatory time. Nonexempt staff members must be paid for time worked when it is worked in accordance with governing federal and state laws. Compensatory time is allowed by law only for public sector employees.

However, staff members and their supervisors may use a flexible scheduling arrangement for the rare occasions when work demands are not of a routine nature. These flexible arrangements allow changes in time worked during a calendar week. An example under this arrangement, the staff member might work two days of ten hours, two days of eight hours, and one day of four hours for a total of 40 hours worked that week. Any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in one week for a nonexempt employee must be paid as overtime.

For exempt employees, and in accordance with the Employee Handbook, there is an expectation that full-time exempt employees work at least 40 hours per week. Variations in time worked should be arranged by agreement and approval of the individual exempt staff member and his or her supervisor. However, any extended or permanent change in the arrangement that results in less than an average of 40 hours per week worked will require approval of the appropriate vice president or dean and/or the President.