College Requirements

During the three years at Bates, pre-engineering students must complete the General Education distribution requirements, the writing requirements up to the junior year, and pre-engineering courses depending on the specific engineering field to be studied. The normal course load of 24 courses and 2 short term courses is taken during this period.

A pre-engineering student should declare an Engineering major by March 1st of the sophomore year. It is optional to complete another major offered by a department or program at Bates; to do so would be contingent on the student completing all major requirements including thesis/capstone for the department or program within the three years at Bates.

Completing a Bates major is not necessary while preparing for 3-2 transfer; however, it is prudent for entering students to begin a major other than engineering, so that a normal four-year Bates degree can be obtained if for any reason the student later decides not to continue the Combined Plan. Early in the Winter Semester of the third year, application is made to an affiliated engineering school through the Combined Plan Advisor. Admission is contingent upon completion of the required pre-engineering courses, typically an overall grade average of “B” or higher, and evidence of particular strength in the sciences.