Announcing HouseCat!

The Office of Residence Life and Health Education is pleased to introduce HouseCat, Bates’ new online housing selection platform. HouseCat enables students to select housing while on campus, off campus, or from Study Abroad, all using an online web-based portal. Whether on campus or off, HouseCat makes the housing selection process less stressful and more flexible. While HouseCat changes the location and mechanism where students select housing, the basics of the lottery remain the same.

The Basics

  • Each student will receive a randomly generated lottery number based on class year
  • Lottery numbers will be used to assign selection times, so rooms are selected in order
  • During your selection time, log in (from anywhere!) and select your room


We Heard…

“That huge room filled with people selecting rooms is stressful!”

“It’s hard to know what to expect if you have never gone through lottery before.”

“I was abroad for the lottery and did not get to chose my own room for next year.”


The Solutions

  • With HouseCat, you can pick your room from the comfort and privacy of your own room.
  • With videos, info sessions, and how to guides, everyone will know what to expect.
  • You don’t need to be on campus or even on this continent to pick your own room.


Stay tuned!

BatesToday and your email account will provide you with more information next week about how to complete your lottery number application.  All students who will reside on campus for fall 2017 will need to complete an application to receive a lottery number.


Got Questions?

Contact Residence Life and Health Education at