In-Term Exams

One week’s notice should be given to students of an examination of an hour’s length or more, and some advance notice should also be given of any shorter quiz if it has considerable weight in determining the final grade. No examinations or quizzes in classes should be given during the last full week of any semester. Hour examinations should not be assigned on the first day after a College vacation (i.e., October break, Thanksgiving recess, February break).

Bates recognizes the right of students to fulfill their religious obligations and practices. In recognition of Bates’ commitment to a diverse and inclusive student body and the variety of religions observed and practiced by our students, faculty are encouraged to consult the Multifaith Calendars posted online by the Office of the Multifaith Chaplain when developing course syllabi so that conflicts between in class examinations and major religious holidays may be avoided. Given the range of faiths embraced by our students, it may not be possible to avoid all conflicts between scheduled examinations and religious holidays. Students are expected to approach the instructor within the first three weeks of the semester if there is a conflict between a scheduled examination, paper, or project due date and a significant religious holiday observed by the student. This timely communication with the faculty member ensures that the student may observe significant religious holidays and make alternative arrangements to complete course assignments without academic penalty.

In case of examinations missed for illness or other excusable reason, the student is expected to get a written excuse from one of the Deans of Students. Upon presentation of this excuse to the instructor, the instructor will arrange for a make-up at a mutually convenient time. Normally, examinations will not be administered in Health Services.

Final Exams

The final examination schedule is composed by the registrar. All students are expected to take the final examinations at the time scheduled. Exceptions are made for students who have two exams at the same time or three exams in one day. Those students should complete a Request to Move a Final Examination form . Final examinations cannot be rescheduled to accommodate the travel plans of students. Students should not make any travel plans until they have full knowledge of their final examination schedule.

It is not within the discretion of the instructor to waive or alter the examination requirement for individual students, or to reschedule the examination for the entire class. Requests from individual students to have an exam rescheduled must be made to one of the Deans of Students.

Instructors may use this reserved time period for any form of evaluation, including in-class written examinations, oral examinations, presentations of final projects, or the deadline for handing in take-home examinations or final papers or projects.

All student absences from scheduled final examinations are to be reported promptly to the registrar and to Student Affairs. At the discretion of the faculty member and depending on the circumstances, a make-up examination may be arranged with the instructor, unless the examination is specially waived by the Committee on Academic Standing. Faculty may decide whether or not to return final examinations to students, and must make their policy clear to students. If faculty do not choose to return examinations, they should make them available for student viewing. Faculty should provide students with opportunities to discuss the results of final exams, and retain exams for at least one year.

If you will take the final exam in the Office of Student Affairs, please complete a Request to Move a Final Examination form.  With any questions, contact Carson Dockum, Coordinator of Accessible Education & Student Support.

Email accessibility@bates.edu

Call 207-786-6222

Stop by Ladd Library G35 (Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30)

Request to Move a Final Examination form