In-Term Exams

Bates recognizes the right of students to fulfill their religious obligations and practices. In recognition of Bates’ commitment to a diverse and inclusive student body and the variety of religions observed and practiced by our students, faculty are encouraged to consult the Multifaith Calendars posted online by the Office of the Multifaith Chaplain when developing course syllabi so that conflicts between in class examinations and major religious holidays may be avoided. Given the range of faiths embraced by our students, it may not be possible to avoid all conflicts between scheduled examinations and religious holidays. Students are expected to approach the instructor within the first three weeks of the semester if there is a conflict between a scheduled examination, paper, or project due date and a significant religious holiday observed by the student. This timely communication with the faculty member ensures that the student may observe significant religious holidays and make alternative arrangements to complete course assignments without academic penalty.

In the case of a missed exam due to NCAA athletic competitions, illness, severe medical or psychological issues, personal emergencies, and debate competitions students can communicate with their instructor to make arrangements for a makeup exam.  Instructors may require documentation excusing absences.  Makeup exams can be proctored by either the instructor or the Office of Accessible Education and Student Support.  If approved by the instructor, it is the responsibility of the student to schedule the exam with the Office of Accessible Education, following the guidelines articulated their website.

For absences that fall outside of the categories noted above, arrangements must be made directly between the student and instructor to make up the exam. Please note that this includes students who are eligible for exam accommodations. If an instructor allows a student to miss an exam for a reason not identified above they will not be able to sit for the exam in the Office of Accessible Education. In this instance it is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that the student receives their approved accommodation(s) when making arrangements for them to take the exam.

Final Exams

The final examination schedule is composed by the registrar. All students are expected to take the final examinations at the time scheduled. Exceptions are made for students who have two exams at the same time or three exams in one day. Those students must complete a Consent to Move a Final Examination form and submit it to the Office of Accessible Education (OAE).

Students requesting to move a final exam for reasons other than having two exams at the same time or three exams in one day must submit a petition to the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) no later than 2 weeks before final exams begin. Once the ASC has made a decision, if proctoring by the OAE is required, that decision will be relayed to the OAE as soon as possible but no later than the Thursday before final exams begin. If proctoring by the OAE is required, students whose requests are approved by the ASC should submit a Consent to Move a Final Examination form to the OAE. If the instructor is proctoring, there is no need to complete the form or include the OAE.

Final examinations cannot be rescheduled to accommodate the travel plans of students. Students should not make any travel plans until they have full knowledge of their final examination schedule.

Consent to Move a Final Examination form